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How to Improve Your Social Skills and Grow Your Network

how to improve your social skills

Entrepreneurial success is the sum of many things. A high IQ, a knock out product or service idea, an amazing team that can carry out your goals are definitely some requirements. But is that enough? Alas, no. You also need to network. But networking requires you to know how to improve your social skills. Therefore, we have prepared some tips and tricks. Here they are!

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that communicating and being social as far as networking for your business goes is different than in your private life. You only get one chance here. Therefore, start by practicing your skills in a less threatening situation before moving on to bigger fish.

2. Risks Are Worth It

If you have to go out of your comfort zone to make something happen for your business, it’s worth it. Sometimes, being sociable in the world of business means being asked to go on a ski trip when you don’t ski, or fishing when you’re a bit afraid of water. Try to overcome your emotions.

3. Look for Feedback

Another amazing idea on how to improve your social skills is to record yourself while you are talking or socializing with others and then watch it. Look closely at your own movements, facial expressions and listen to the sounds of your own voice. Is there room for improvement? We bet there is.

4. Look for Examples

The best way to learn how to improve your social skills is by watching others who already know how to do it. Try to interact with people who are more socially skilled than you and mimic what they do in terms of behavior and actions. Do not copy their actions one on one. Personalize everything and tailor it according to your needs and, evidently, your type of business.

5. Do You Have a Goal?

If you don’t already have a goal, you absolutely need to one. Or several if you’re that kind of a person. The important thing here is that you work to achieve them. In this way, you can select the social skills you need to reach those goals. It will be a lot easier than focusing on everything all at once.

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6. Your Self Esteem Is Highly Important

Remember when you were in high school and you used to watch the popular kids? What did they all have in common? They had smashing confidence that they were smart, good-looking, and fierce go-getters. This is the main reason they were considered cool and popular. The same principle applies later in life as well, and you can use it to get people to feel drawn to you.

7. Go Out as Much as Possible

This goes without saying but, when it comes to networking, there is only so much you can do from home or online. Yes, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are crucial, but the real connections are still forged face to face. Keep that in mind, and you should be golden.

Here are seven tips on how to improve your social skills and grow your networks. They include precious advice such as exuding confidence, working on your goals, modeling yourself on other socially skilled people, and much more. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

Author: Amanda Knowles