3 Experts Discuss How to Handle Depression as a Beginner Entrepreneur

3 Experts Discuss How to Handle Depression as a Beginner Entrepreneur

how to handle depression

Unfortunately, depression is one of the illnesses that affect people of all ages and social groups. At the same time, it is a topic that many people avoid addressing, since it’s not as easy to grasp as a physical illness oftentimes is. The fact is that depression has become one of the main illnesses of the current generation. This is especially true of millennials. Many young entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming depression and making a name for themselves, and expert advice is always welcomed in the process. Today, we’re going to provide you with 3 expert opinions on how to handle depression and enjoy a successful and happy life.

3 Experts Talk About How to Handle Depression

1. Take Things One at a Time

One of the most common causes of depression, says clinical hypnotherapist and life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams, is the feeling that there are just too many things to do and too little time to do them. This causes people to stress about the most mundane of situations and not even feel capable of getting out of bed in the morning. In turn, being sedentary and withdrawing yourself from society can accentuate depression even more. Sheridan-Williams suggests people should try to divide their tasks into smaller chunks that they can tackle separately. Writing them down on paper in the form of a list also helps.

2. Don’t Cut Ties with the People Around You

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the symptoms of depression is the need for isolation. Sometimes, people think that burying themselves in work might serve as a distraction from the negative emotions they’re experiencing. However, cutting people out of our life is something we should avoid doing when we’re depressed. Even if it seems like a chore, interacting with people, especially people who are close to us and can help us work through our issues, can be really beneficial. Professor of mental health research, David Richards, advises people not to avoid socializing, since this can improve your mood and help you deal with your illness.

3. Keep Moving

For many people who struggle with depression, it can be extremely hard to be active, even impossible at times. If you simply can’t seem to be able to get out of bed, we advise you to seek professional help, since you might need therapy, drugs, or both in order to treat your illness. However, no one experiences depression the same way. Consequently, if you’re one of the people who suffer from mild depression, and you can still function most of the time, you should consider the fact that exercising is a great happiness boost that can help with your condition. Psychiatrist Cameron Johnson advises many of his patients to start every morning with some high-intensity cardio exercises.

Remember that you are never alone in your struggle with depression. Consequently, you don’t have to know how to handle depression by yourself. If you ever feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, you can always call the following numbers.

The U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

United Way Helpline: 1-800-233-4357.

Kristin Brooks Hope Center Hopeline: 1-800-784-2433.

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Author: Amanda Knowles