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The Essential Guide on How to Give Feedback

how to give feedback

When effectively delivered, feedback is one of most powerful tools at your disposal to improve your employees’ performance and to develop them. Plus, all it costs you is some time and skill. However, although it looks good on paper, most managers are reluctant in giving feedback. Why is that? Because it’s so difficult to get it right without offending or challenging someone on their principles and hard work. Here’s the essential guide on how to give feedback.

1. Never Publicly Criticize an Employee. Ever

There is a surprisingly large number of managers out there who believe that an old-fashioned scolding in front of everyone will shame an employee into working harder or never making the same mistake again. Even more managers simply don’t care that they are publicly humiliating an employee. These are huge mistakes. Not only will it not have the desired effect, but you are also passible for that employee suing you on different grounds.

Also, did you know that positive feedback is also best offered in private? It’s true.

2. Even If the Feedback Is Negative, End with Something Positive

If there is something that you would like your employee to change in his or her behavior, work routine or results, share it in a private session of feedback. However, make sure you end that discussion with a positive comment. A few words of encouragement or a simple gesture like saying how happy you are he or she is working for you and that you are sure things will pick up soon will give them the boost they need to work harder. This is the correct way on how to give feedback.

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3. Do Not Focus on Personality

While that may have been one of the factors you considered when you hired that person, you should never use it when giving feedback to someone. Remember that people don’t change nor, should they change to fit one organization or the other. Asking individuals to change their personality for every job they have is like asking them to remodel their feet for every pair of socks they wear.

Instead, what they need to do and what you should tell them is to change their behavior. Make sure they understand that your company has a particular set of values and that it requires them to act in a certain way. Here’s a small example.

When giving feedback to someone, never say things like ‘you are arrogant, conceited, and loud, and you should stop being like that.’ Instead, focus on their behavior and on actual things they do. Say ‘I did not like it when you interrupted me in the meeting today. I was in the middle of an important point. Please stop doing that from now on and respect people’s time to talk as well as ideas.’

It’s highly important to know how to give feedback. A single misspoken word or idea can lead to employees completely misunderstanding what you meant, feeling hurt, underappreciated, and undervalued. Worse, it can lead to them leaving the company or filing lawsuits against you for different reasons. How do you view giving feedback to your company?

Author: Amanda Knowles