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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

how to get traffic to your blog

If you’ve ever had a blog, then surely you went through this. The traffic jam. It has you stopping in mid-sentence, scratching your head, asking yourself if there’s something you’re doing wrong. Although the causes are not always known, what you can be sure of is the fact that everyone experiences it. Therefore, here are some tips on how to get traffic to your blog in just a few easy steps.

1. Engage with Other People’s Blogs

By doing this, you will basically be introducing yourself to the readers of that blog. You will also be opening a door for them to your blog. Apart from that, you can then ask the moderator of that blog to actually share a link to yours, effectively promoting you so that your traffic increases.

2. Be Succinct

Remember that brevity is always your friend. Of course, a blog is an avenue for you to express your thoughts and opinions. However, there are some technicalities you need to consider. They include the reader’s attention span, SEO practices, which say that neither too short or too long posts will rank very high, and just how comprehensive the post gets. Needless to say, the longer it is, the less comprehensive it can be.

3. Subheading Is Your Best Friend

Never make the mistake of writing a post in a single block of text. We cannot stress this enough. You won’t believe the bounce rate after that. Readers will take one glace at that 600-word block and close the page faster than you can say ‘spacing.’ Always use subheadings in your texts. They break down the content and make it a lot easier to read. The same goes for numbers, bullet points, arrows, and lists.

4. Link with other Social Media

Here’s a fun idea on how to get traffic to your blog. Get on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest account, post fun and insightful content there, and then leave a link back to your blog. Let your followers know that if they want more, they can find the bounty on your blog. It’s a cool and organic way to get more traffic.

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5. Write what They Want to Read

Here’s the golden rule of all posts. Never post or write about what you want to read. Instead, think about what they want. Here’s a super simplistic example, enough to give you an inkling. Let’s say autumn has just started. Everyone is mad about pumpkin spiced hot beverages and keywords related to this are definitely trending and ranking high. There’s no point in you writing about espresso Italian because this is what you would like to read about now. They’re not interested in that. Get it?

Here are five easy tricks on how to get traffic to your blog. The cool thing about them is that, if you have a blog, and reached that traffic jam we were talking about, you can start applying them right now. How about you? Let us know in the comment section below how you handle the situation in which you are at a loss for readers.

Author: Amanda Knowles