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How to Get Over a Mistake You Have a Hard Time Letting Go

how to get over a mistake

We all make mistakes, that’s for sure. Some we find easier to forget, while others truly stick with us, making it hard for us to get over them and move on with our life. Anyone who ever struggled with letting go of a past mistake knows that it can take a toll on you. Because we want to help you learn how to get over a mistake faster, and focus on the future instead of the past, we’ve devised a guide that contains a couple of actionable tips. Let’s have a look!

How to Get Over a Mistake: 3 Useful Tips

1. Realize That It Was Just a Mistake

They call it a mistake for a reason, and that reason is because it isn’t intentional. You didn’t mean to do it, which means that if you’re telling yourself that you’re a bad person because of it, you should stop doing that. Moreover, you have to forgive yourself for it. Think about what led to you making the mistake. Maybe you misunderstood something, or you had other priorities and allowed yourself to get distracted. Regardless of the reason, making mistakes is human, and you should never forget that.

2. Learn from It, But Don’t Dwell on It

The whole point of making mistakes is to ultimately learn from them and make sure we won’t repeat them in the future. Which is why you should take some time to think about what you could do differently in a similar situation. While certain things might be out of your control, others are easier to manage. Remember to be honest with yourself and admit to the things that you did wrong, otherwise you’ll never learn from them.

At the same time, after you’ve identified the problem, dwelling on the mistake is one of the worst things you could do. That’s because it won’t be of any use to you. In fact, it will only make you feel guilty and affect your mood. Try to think about the fact that what’s done is done and you can’t go back and change it now. Thus, you might as well let go of it and focus on something else.

3. Treat Yourself as You Would Anyone Else

It’s no secret that most of us tend to show less mercy to ourselves than to others. While it’s normal to expect the best from yourself, when it comes to making mistakes, you should consider your reaction if someone else would have made the same mistake you did. What would you have said? Probably you would have advised that person not to worry too much about it, because it will eventually pass. Maybe you wouldn’t even be mad. If this is true, why can’t you do the same when it comes to yourself? After all, you’re just as worthy of forgiveness as everyone else around you.

Whatever it is you did in the past, you should learn how to get over a mistake that seems unforgivable. Never forget that you’re almost always going to get another chance to make things right. Even if you won’t, your mistakes can still serve as life lessons that you can benefit from.

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Author: Amanda Knowles