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How to Franchise a Business – 4 Important Steps

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If you feel ready to start expanding your business, there are some very important steps that need to be taken into consideration. Franchising a business is a long process that requires many procedures. Of course, the costs are also pretty high so having an established starting budget is imperative. Legal paperwork will also be an issue so your franchise gets the necessary protection. In this article, we’ve tried narrowing down the information to 4 steps to help you learn how to franchise a business.

How to Franchise a Business – 4 Important Steps

Step 1: Know the legal requirements

If you think your business is ready to move forward, the first step is to check with the Federal Trade Commission on all the legalities necessary for registering as a franchise. You will need to fill in the Franchise Disclosure Document and check what other rules might apply to other states. To make sure you fill in the register properly, you can hire a franchise attorney. A franchise attorney is only the first of key staff members that are going to help you build your franchise.

Step 2: Take all variables in consideration

It is also important in the early stages to decide on how you are going to expand. Therefore, take into consideration anything from terrain to the training programs you have to offer. You have to establish the fees and terms of your franchise, the net worth your franchise needs and even how the weather might affect your services. Having a clear model from the early stages seems crucial when franchising a business, as the wrong considerations lead to huge losses and the franchise might get shut down. This is a lengthy process as well, but if executed correctly, you have greater chances of succeeding.

Step 3: Find the right people

There are many people with capital that are interested in investing in a franchise but a selection still has to be made. Make sure these people have the right background and align with your vision in order to represent your brand. This is a risk you have to minimize by researching them thoroughly and establishing clear rules and boundaries.

Step 4: Decide how you want to grow

Think about how you want your business to grow. Is your concept enough to keep it locally, or does it have the potential to appeal to international audiences? You have to consider if your business model can be widely applied or if you only need to open a few more outlets. Experts suggest your business should expand at a natural rate. That means you should not overreach and keep the risks at minimum.


Taking one’s business a step further is every entrepreneur’s dream. However, there are important steps to take before venturing out for a franchise to become successful. There are challenges and risks involved in the entire process but the payoff is going to be tangible if you find your own winning formula. Make sure to manage your brand constantly and take every precaution necessary to protect it. There are no foolproof guidelines on how to franchise a business. The aim is to get your business out there and grow.

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Author: Amanda Knowles