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4 Tips on How to Focus Better from Driven Professionals

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Being an entrepreneur is a pretty challenging position. You are caught between plans, profits, investments, bills, managing your employees and so on. Quite a lot for just one person, right? For this reason, it’s important to focus on what you must do and don’t lose track of anything. Whether you use music, productivity apps or planners, there is one goal: stay focused. Today we are going to have a look at some tips on how to focus better given by successful professionals.

How to Focus Better – 4 Steps

1. Isolate Yourself

No, we don’t mean to go on an isolated island and work. Just turn off your phone and don’t check any emails. Or at least this is what Jeff Boss says. With his great experience as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and executive coach, he claims it’s important not to be bothered. Once you start working on something, you shouldn’t check your smartphone or emails every 10 minutes. This prevents you from focusing on the task at hand and takes you a whole lot more time.

2. Map Tasks and Time

Nadia Goodman is a freelance writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She works as an editor and has plenty of experience in writing, which means that she struggled with focusing better as well. Her valuable advice is to visualize a map of the time and the tasks. Split out the tasks and schedule them throughout the workday. Check the schedule during the day and see if you’re on time with everything.

3. Splash Your Face with Water

It may seem rather silly, but this is a very useful advice. The idea here is that cold water functions as a wake-up call and it helps you stay prepared for a meeting or a brainstorming session. There’s also a scientific explanation, since this makes the blood flow faster and thus making you more energic. Tim Draper is a venture capital investor, having founded the Draper Associates and the Draper University, so he knows what he’s talking about with this advice.

4. Drink Water

Yet another advice on how to focus better that might seem silly. However, dehydration is something that happens more often than you think. Water converts fat into energy, lubricates your joints and helps you focus more. Dan Dowling is a writer and coach, as well as the founder of MillennialSuccess.io. He says that it’s a good idea to eat more water-containing foods, such as yogurt, watermelon, leafy greens, etc. Milk is also welcomed, just as electrolytes tablets.


Staying focus has some interesting causes and solutions. From not getting enough water and splashing it to your face to wake up to switching your phone to silent mode, there are plenty of tips on how to stay focused to follow. Ideally, you should map out the entire day in the morning and split your tasks on the working hours. Then, you can periodically check if you’re following the schedule. Finally, remember to take a break every now and then to prevent your brain from overworking.

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Author: Amanda Knowles