Learn How to Do SEO from Top Experts

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SEO comes from search engine optimization and it refers to the way in which websites gather traffic from search results on various search engines in a natural and organic way, without paying for it. It may sound quite complicated but it’s easy to understand. However, it involves some complex processes, and for this reason, we are going to look today at how to do SEO and what some experts in the field have to say about it.

How to Do SEO 101

1. Market Business Analysis

First, we will look at what Jon Rognerud has to say about this. He is an authority when it comes to SEO and has spent more than two decades working on marketing and web projects for all sorts of companies. One of the most important things he underlines when it comes to how to do SEO the right way is the target market analysis. There are three important steps:

  • Website analysis – assessing how good your position is for search engines based on the analysis of keywords and meta sets, text, etc.
  • Competitive analysis – analyzing the current engine rankings of other websites, as well as their content keywords, to determine a certain strategy.
  • Initial keyword nomination – make a prioritized list of search terms related to your business.

2. Optimize the Pages

Many people get absorbed by complicated details about SEO and forget to take care of basic things. Jonathan Long is the founder of Market Domination Media, which is an agency that offers online marketing help, as well as other similar companies. Through his vast experience, he claims that it’s important to check the page optimization. Make sure that the website elements are optimized correctly. Is your page worthy of belonging to a high rank?

Colorful chart of the SEO steps, with the words 'search engine optimization' written in the middle of the circle

Chart showing the steps required for a complete SEO. Courtesy of J White and Associates

3. Be Original

We cannot stress how important originality is when it comes to SEO. There shouldn’t be any identical text to appear on two different URLs, so consider that. Jayson DeMers runs an SEO agency in Seattle, the AudienceBloom, and he also wrote a book on online marketing for businesses. Therefore, we should listen to him when he says nobody should copy content from other websites. Even if you think your article is not as good as your rival’s, you should try to improve it yourself and not copy it.

4. Don’t Ignore Online Reviews

Many people seem to ignore the importance of customer reviews. According to a study, 88% of the people said that they look at reviews either regularly or occasionally. As such, marketing director Brian Sutter advises people to pay attention to them. He explains that reviews don’t only influence your potential customers, but also the search engine ranking. As such, pay attention to how many reviews you have, whether they are positive or not, etc.


Although it may sound like a lengthy and unpleasant process, SEO is one of the things you must take care of constantly. Learn how to do SEO correctly from the numerous resources you can find online. Don’t forget to pay attention to what experts say and focus on the essential things.

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Author: Amanda Knowles