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How to Design a Flyer: 7 Tips for Eye-Catching Leaflets

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Flyers are a fun and catchy way of letting people know about your business. Whether you have a big or a small company, they are easy to hand over. Moreover, you can get creative and represent your company in a unique way. Even so, how many times have you seen a badly designed flyer? Most likely, plenty of times. For this reason, today we’re bringing you a couple of tips on how to design a flyer that will catch your eye.

How to Design a Flyer that Attracts People

1. Use Contrast

Take advantage of the lighter and darker areas of a flyer to create more contrast. For example, place light text on a dark area or the other way around. In this way, you will catch people’s attention without too much effort.

2. Be Balanced

Yes, we know you’d like to talk a lot about your company, but remember that people don’t love walls of text. A flyer is meant to be read on the go, so keep it short. Try a trick: imagine that every element you place on the flyer needs some space to breathe. Next, adjust the flyer until you get enough space for each of them.

3. Use Borders

They might seem unimportant, but borders are essential when learning how to design a flyer in an attractive manner. Borders are helpful for separating various types of content. Moreover, the result can stand out from the crowd in comparison to other posters and flyers.

4. Vary the Color, Style and Font Size

Fonts are also very important when you design a great flyer. They can help you convey a certain message and highlight parts of the text. It’s important to use professional ones though and not get crazy with too many colors. Instead of using 3 different typefaces, choose one and juggle between bold, italic and light options.

5. Less is More

Less text, more information. This should be your motto when you get down to designing it. Choose the logos and the catch phrases that define your business. If you want to explain some more, be as concise and possible. Moreover, remember to avoid long and boring phrases. Keep the catchy words for headers and titles.

6. Use High-Resolution Photos

Another important tip when learning how to design a flyer is to use quality photos. If you use lower quality photos, they might look pixelated, especially if you zoom in on them. What’s more, when you print them they might not look as good as you imagined it.

7. Choose the Right Colors

Before designing the flyer, do a little bit of research on colors. See which ones could help you convey a certain message. Do you want it to look professional, funny, joking, etc.? Choose the colors accordingly.


As you can see, there are some basic principles you can follow when you must create a flyer for your company. Make sure you keep things simple, respect the proportions and use the appropriate colors for what you want to convey. Moreover, use quality photos and have a balanced outline.

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Author: Amanda Knowles