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How to Control Your Emotions and Empower Yourself

how to control your emotions

If you can typically describe yourself as an emotional person and one whose mood changes throughout the day according to what happens, then you might need to learn how to control your emotions. Even though it also has a number of beneficial effects, thinking with the heart can also lead to insecurity, depression, and a very negative impact on the way you conduct your relationship. Here’s how to manage what you feel.

1. Controlled Breathing

What you need to know is that emotions are a mix of thinking and physical responses. Your brain first responds to physical stimuli and then it transforms them into feelings. For example, if you have a dry mouth and a very elevated heart rate, then your brain can interpret it as fear, based on your surroundings. Therefore, you can fight against what your brain is doing through some simple steps that will control your breath.

  • Go to a quiet and comfortable place.
  • Get rid of all the stimuli your brain might focus on.
  • Take a simple breath.
  • Then inhale as slowly as possible through your nose until you count to four.
  • Hold it until for the count of four.
  • Exhale until the count of four.

2. What Ticks You Off

It’s very important to know how to control your emotions. But it’s also highly relevant to understand what exactly stimulates you. Remember that not everyone gets emotional, happy, sad or angry over the exact same things. Therefore, here’s what you can do.

  • Keep a journal of your emotions. Write down the emotion you felt as well as the situation that led to you feeling that way. Take down the way you reacted. What would you change about that?
  • Try to get to the actual reasoning behind your emotions. For example, when you have a reaction to something, take a minute to ask yourself what it’s about. Be honest with yourself. Is the way you’re feeling really because your best friend got a new phone? Or is it because you feel jealous and sad that your job doesn’t pay you enough to buy one yourself?

This little exercise allows you to discover that your real problem here is with your job more than anything else.

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3. Humor Is the Key

Do you remember that old saying – ‘take everything with a grain of salt?’ It might turn out to help you control your emotions. Especially if what you’re fighting with is depression, anger, sadness or irritability. The easiest thing here is to try and find something funny in every situation. Is your boss giving you a hard time? Imagine what a good story this will make later that evening when you meet your friends, especially if you embellish it a little and give him or her some silly attributes and a nickname.

Tips on how to control your emotions include taking physical actions such as controlling your breath and spending some quiet time by yourself, learning exactly what it is that ticks you off, and teaching yourself to laugh it all off. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know how you handle your emotions.

Author: Amanda Knowles