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How to Clean Up Your Online Presence in 5 Easy Steps

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With the online world taking up more and more space in our lives, it’s important to know how to clean up your online presence. Whether you want to do it because you’re looking for a job or simply because you don’t want some information available about you, read the guide below.

How to Clean Up Your Online Presence 101

1. Google Your Name

Naturally, this is the first step you can do if you want to see what’s posted online about you. But what do you do if you find a negative result? Many people don’t know about this but you can ask Google to remove the result from the list. If you do some research, you will see that the search giant will respect your request if you want them to remove sensitive information, such as bank account numbers, nude pictures, your signature, etc.

2. Improve Your Presence

Take a step back and assess your online presence. Does it satisfy you? If not, it’s time to create a different one. After you delete the negative posts and the information you don’t want public, you can create some new accounts or websites. Ideally, you should have your own website. There, potential employers or clients can find all the information they need about you from an official source.

3. Update Your Accounts

Check all the social media accounts you have. Besides deleting inappropriate things, like photos or comments, you should spruce up the accounts. Complete your LinkedIn profile and add some skills and interests. You can even start a new Facebook page dedicated to professional connections. Choose decent and rather serious photos as profile pictures. It might sound weird, but try to brag a lot and talk about your talents, skills, and interests.

4. Have Attractive Content

Whether we are talking about your own website or various social media accounts, the goal here is to offer attractive content. People who access your profiles should have a good time while they’re there, not just gather some cold data. For this reason, try to be active online and create some interesting content. Share interesting news, comment on them or post catchy topics.

5. Ask for Specialized Help

If your online presence is extremely important, you might need some specialized help. There’s no shame in requesting assistance from a branding company, for example. After all, we all know how much time it takes to learn how to clean up your online presence. You just need to pay the fee and the professionals will clean it all for you, while also building a solid brand.


It’s essential to learn how to clean up your online presence if you want to evolve professionally. Don’t be afraid to delete anything that’s compromising or that might appear unprofessional to a potential employer. Luckily, Google is quite receptive if you ask them to delete a certain piece of information. At the same time, if you can’t manage everything at once, you can call a specialized company. There are agencies that take care of online branding and help you clean up any unwanted traces.

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Author: Amanda Knowles