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5 Tips on How to Better Yourself from Professionals

how to better yourself

Becoming a better person is what life is ultimately about, both from a personal and professional point of view. However, that might be just a bit easier said than done. Seeing as we are aware of that, we have decided to employ the help of professionals to guide and show you how to better yourself. Here are five tips and tricks.

1. Ask the Right Questions | Matt Mayberry

The first professional we came across and who offered us an amazing piece of advice is none other than Matt Mayberry, CEO of Matt Mayberry Enterprises. He is also a Speaker and Maximum Performance Strategist, and his advice started off with an interesting quote. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions. — Dr. John Demartini.

He poses the intriguing argument that, if one asks the right questions in life, one will be able to change his or her destiny.

2. Pick up Hobbies that Will Make You Smarter | Christina Baldassarre

Christina Baldassarre, an entrepreneur herself, the founder of Zebra Advertisement, 1DollarAd and International PPC, and the winner of Google Partner All-Stars advises us to pick up hobbies that will ultimately make us smarter. Her list includes reading, playing musical instruments, learning new languages, and more.

3. Learn How to Multitask | Nadia Goodman

Or maybe a little more? In fact, Nadia Goodman, copywriter and editor extraordinaire says you can actually train your brain to multitask. Now, this is how to better yourself. This actually sounds like something a superhero could do. She says that you have to do things like coupling relating tasks, keeping a visible to-do list, and using your downtime to go over new information. Find more of Nadia on her Twitter account.

4. Invest in Yourself | Brandon Turner

No matter how many stocks you have or if you have actually invested in more than one business, nothing will ever come close to investing in yourself. That’s what Brandon Turner says. He’s the VP of Growth at BiggerPockets.com and a real estate entrepreneur. Looks like he did some serious investing in himself, right?

He gives some important advice on this matter which we believe you should really take into account. For example, he says that investing in yourself means choosing the right spouse, selecting the correct friends, spending as much money as you can on books, and taking care of your health.

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5. Sleep Is Crucial | John Rampton

Work is the most important thing you have to do if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, but sleep comes second. That’s what John Rampton believes. He is the founder of Due, an online invoicing company, and was named Number Three on Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine.

He believes that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial. Therefore, he advises to keeping a dream journal, to change the position of our bodies because it influences what we dream, to relax before going to bed, and to reduce stimulants.

Here are the five tips on how to better yourself we promised. They include ideas such as asking the important questions in life, picking up hobbies that will make you smarter, getting a good night’s sleep, multitasking, and much more. How do you better yourself?

Author: Amanda Knowles