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Learn How to Become a Salesperson with These 5 Easy Steps

how to become a salesperson

You know what they say about possessing the skills of a good salesperson. You either have them, or you don’t. Or that you are born to sell. Well, we are here to prove these sayings wrong. As it turns out, if you do your homework and practice enough, you can, in fact, learn how to become a salesperson. Here are a few easy steps.

1. Do Not Wing It

No serious or successful salesperson in history has ever ‘winged it.’ They don’t wake up late in the morning, throw on something at random and stumble into their customer’s office rummaging through papers or scrolling through their phone looking for an email. Prepare ahead of time. Do your homework and learn everything you can about your customer and your meeting.

2. There Is No ‘Trying’ In Sales

This is a mantra you have to learn to live by if you want to know how to become a salesperson, no matter how difficult it may seem. All the best salespeople are aware of the fact that it’s not enough to try. You have to push until you manage to make the sale. Otherwise, you have to let it go for good.

3. Listen. We Mean It

This idea means understanding what the customer is telling you. Why is he refusing? Are there any clues in his refusal? And, if so, can you then tailor your offer so that it can suit him better? Listening is the only way in which you can establish a real connection with someone.

4. Make Sure You Rest Well

If you don’t get enough sleep or if you don’t unwind or relax during the weekends, you will never be able to perform at full capacity. This will also affect your attitude when it comes to other people. You need to be enthusiastic, energetic, and good-natured at all times when you make a sales call or when you are presenting your product or service to potential customers.

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5. Believe in What You Are Selling

Remember that episode from Friends when Monica has to make all those recipes with ‘Mockolate?’ Don’t be like that. The reason why she fails is that she knows her product is a synthetic fake that will never be anywhere as good as the original, no matter how many pilgrims’ buckles she tries to put on it to make it Thanksgiving-y. The only way in which you can truly sell a product or service is if you believe in it first. Then you can convince others that it’s worthy of their attention and, most importantly of all, their money.

Here are the five easy steps on how to become a salesperson we promised. Evidently, there is much more to the art of sales than this. However, we suggest you start with the basics and work your way up to the next levels. In the meantime, write to us in the comment section below and let us know what other tips and tricks do you know on how to ace your sales game?

Author: Amanda Knowles