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Learn How to Beat Anxiety Naturally With These 10 Techniques

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If you want to learn how to beat anxiety, stay tuned. In what follows, we will provide a list of strategies that could help you be a lot calmer, letting your worries float and eliminate anxiety. Most likely, not all strategies will suit your level of anxiety and, therefore, not all of them will work. However, you need to experiment to find out which one of these techniques really helps you.

Keep in mind that the context is really important. Some of these strategies may work only in some circumstances while others can work in different cases. You can split these strategies into three categories, namely physical, cognitive and behavioral.

How to beat anxiety with physical strategies

Physical exercise

When you feel like anxiety has taken over you, then you should try to relax, breathe in and start doing some physical exercise. It is best if you try something new, a new sort of exercise that you haven’t done in the last six months. You should also try going for a run to clear your mind.


To clear your mental space, you can also do some of the easy tasks you’ve put on your to-do list for the day. Make sure you fulfill the tasks, concentrating on what you are doing to alleviate anxiety and feel a lot calmer.

Funny video

Try to find a cute or funny video on YouTube that makes you laugh really loud to forget about anxiety. In this way, your bad mood will disappear.

Parasympathetic fibers

This is a trick that could really help you. Lightly run your fingers over your lips to stimulate the parasympathetic fibers in your lips. Therefore, you will feel calmer.

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Do everything you can to overcome your fear and anxiety and find your calmness again.

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How to beat anxiety with behavioral strategies

Call a friend

The best medicine out there is to talk to a friend. Email or call one of your friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up. In this way, you will clear your mind and reconnect with people you love.

Make a list

You can also make a list of three things you have been worrying about in the past, but they had eventually turned out to have a positive outcome. Also, you can write three things you were worried about in the past, and they have never occurred.

Do something pleasant

You should try to find an activity that you best enjoy and let the stress float away. Paint, dance or sing until your anxious feelings go away.

How to beat anxiety with cognitive strategies

Think about the situation

Take a moment to analyze the anxiety-provoking situation that affected you and try to imagine yourself as being six months in the future. This strategy will help you see the problem as smaller, slightly disappearing from your thoughts.

Gentle distraction

You need to try to find a gentle distraction. However, the key is to be patient with yourself when you feel like you are still receiving some though intrusions related to the anxiety-provoking situation.

Stay positive

Think about the things you are grateful for, about the things that are right in your life. You need to take a step back and see the big picture. Be happy with what you have and learn to appreciate the persons who are always there for you.

Summing up

Use these amazing techniques to learn how to beat anxiety and remain calm. Always appreciate what you have and try to think positive. In this way, you will realize that any anxiety-provoking situation should be annihilated with happy thoughts.

Image Source: Daily Health Post

Author: Amanda Knowles