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Learn How to Be a Manager That Employees Love

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Are you a manager for the first time? Or are you worried that you may not do this job as you should? Today we are bringing you some useful tips on how to be a manager everybody would love. It may seem hard, but it’s not. Check them out:

How to Be a Manager People Like

1. Motivate People

As a manager, you should remind people why they are there and why should they fulfill their tasks. Draw their attention to the good days and the positive aspects of your work. Most people give 100% when they identify themselves with the values of the company.

2. Make Employees Feel Good

This is an important, yet often overlooked component of how to be a manager. You should be able to correctly identify people’s strengths and to point them out. As a manager, you should know that happy people are the most productive ones. As such, try to keep them happy by expressing your gratitude. You may even include some gratitude quotes in your emails or hang them on the walls.

3. Under-promise and Over-deliver

You might have heard this before, and it’s a good strategy. Don’t be too ambitious with your promises, otherwise, you may end up with disappointed employees. At the same time, don’t be afraid to aim for better things. The key here is to have balanced, measured objectives. Make sure you know how to achieve them and what it takes.

4. Communicate with People

Listen to your employees. Sometimes they might give you a hint about what’s not working in the company. Let them know exactly what you expect from them and why should they do what they have to do. This will maintain them focused on their work and quick to solve any issues that might appear.

5. Lead through Example

Sadly, too few managers do this in today’s business. However, it’s essential if you want to learn how to be a manager everybody loves. Usually, employees emulate what they see with their boss. If they see you slacking around, getting angry all the time and not communicating, they will do the same. Nobody is going to stay motivated if they see that their boss doesn’t care.

6. Delegate Tasks

Most people tend to think they can do it all, from the smallest to the biggest tasks. Though this may be true, it’s essential to focus on what’s really important. A good solution is to delegate tasks to people who can do them well. If you’re not sure about it, you can start small. Offer people small tasks that can be done an incorrect manner and corrected later. Gradually, increase the difficulty of their tasks. More important, be there for them when they need help.


It’s not easy to learn how to be a manager people can rely on. However, if you take everything step by step, you will see it’s not impossible either. Remember to be honest with people and to do your job as well as you can. Everything will go uphill from there.

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Author: Amanda Knowles