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How to Ask for a Promotion: 4 Effective Tips

how to ask for a promotion

Asking for a promotion is not easy, that’s for sure. A lot of people don’t even consider the idea because they fear they might seem too forward. At the same time, they are scared of the answer they are going to get, so they choose to not even pursue their dream. If you are one of the people dreaming of a promotion, yet you are unsure of what the best way to ask for one is, you are going to like what we have prepared for you today. We are going to be looking at 4 tips on how to ask for a promotion in an effective way.

Tips on How to Ask for a Promotion

1. Be Very Specific

When you want to ask for a promotion, you can’t simply do that without providing your superior with convincing reasons as to why you deserve one. So before you take that step, make a plan that very specifically states what your accomplishments are. Think of the things you’ve done to help the company, what your most successful ideas were, and so on. Quantification is extremely important and it will definitely help your case.

2. Know the Position You Want

Whenever anyone asks for a promotion, there are two possible options. The first one is that there is a job opening and you think you would be the right person for it. In this case, it is easier to know exactly what you’re asking for. However, the second option is that you simply feel like you should advance, even though there are no actual openings at the moment. In that case, you should think about an existing position or create a new one that you think would benefit the company. Whatever you choose, make sure that you know exactly what you’re asking for. Then, explain what recommends you for the job.

3. Get the Timing Right

A lot of people are also afraid of timing when it comes to asking for a promotion. It is true, timing is important and there are moments when it would be inappropriate to ask for a promotion. Then what are the right moments? Well, the best possible time to discuss this with your superiors is when you get your annual review. That is already a time when your activity is being assessed. So it is the perfect moment to show that your hard work and dedication deserves a promotion.

4. Give Advanced Notice

You should always inform your boss or manager that you would like to discuss your potential and performance before you actually start a conversation. Don’t simply come to office one day and ask for a promotion. The best thing you can do is send an email beforehand. That will prepare your superior for the conversation that will take place. That way, he or she will also have some time to think about whether it is possible or wise for you to get a promotion at the moment.

Asking for a promotion might seem scary, but it is definitely worth it for your career. Even if you end up not getting the job, it is important that you had the courage to take matters into your own hands. We hope whenever you decide to go for it, these 4 tips on how to ask for a promotion will help.

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Author: Amanda Knowles