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How to Advertise on LinkedIn and Get More Exposure

how to advertise on linkedin

Needless to say, LinkedIn is one of the most interesting social media platforms out there. It’s highly established and has a very exciting reach – professionals. Therefore, knowing how to advertise on LinkedIn will allow you to extend your marketing message to this targeted group in a very clever way. Here are a few directions on how to get started.

1. Campaign Manager

The first step you should take when learning how to advertise on LinkedIn is to get started with Campaign Manager. It only takes a few minutes to create an account, and it’s highly valuable because this is the place where you will get to optimize and manage all your advertising.

2. Choosing a LinkedIn Ad Format

Once you create an account in Campaign Manager, you can start building your ad campaigns. For this, LinkedIn offers you a range of tools, such as Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content, and Text Ads. You can use one of them or a combination of all three if you want.

3. Targeting the Ads

The way you select the audience for your ads is similar whether you decide to use Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content or Text Ads. LinkedIn will give you the choice of how large you want your audience to be. The social media’s tool called Audience Expansion will automatically add viewers who are exactly like the ones you have chosen. This will help put your mind at ease that you are not missing out on any engagement opportunities. You will be happy you have this, especially if you’re dealing with early campaigns.

If you want to go beyond what LinkedIn has to offer in terms of feed, you can do that as well. All you have to do is use LinkedIn’s Audience Network.

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4. Establish a Budget

With this social media venue, you have three options – cost per impression or CPM, cost per click or CPC, and cost per send or CPS.

Let’s start with Cost per Send. You use this one alongside with the Sponsored InMail campaign. It means that you have to pay for every email that they delivered successfully. Cost per Click or CPC is meant for campaigns orientated around action, such as lead generation or even event registrations. CPM or Cost per Impression is the last one, and you can use it when your goal is brand awareness.

Apart from choosing one of these solutions, you will also be asked to select a daily budget, a start and end date for your campaign, as well as your total budget. It’s good to know that, no matter the end date, you can still choose to cancel a campaign you started at any given moment.

Another critical thing to note here is that LinkedIn has a very specific system of auction for bidding. It will reward engagement. Therefore, you can win an auction even if you were not the highest bidder.

Learning how to advertise on LinkedIn can be tricky. However, once you delve into it and start deconstructing its many rules, you will immediately get the hang of it. Start with our guide and work your way up!

Author: Amanda Knowles