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How Many Hours Did I Work? 3 Free Online Tools for Adding Up

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Do you ever ask yourself “How many hours did I work?” Would you like to be able to track exactly how much time you spent working in a given day? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, you’re going to like what we’ve prepared for you today. As you might now, there’s an app for anything these days. This includes time tracking and management as well. Because we want to help you maximize your productivity and make sure you work exactly how much you want to work, we’ve devised a list of 3 free online tools that can help you keep track of time.

How Many Hours Did I Work? Find Out with These 3 Tools

1. Toggl

Toggl is one of the best and most popular time tracking apps out there, and you’re going to figure out why in a minute. You can use it both on Android and iOS devices, and it even has a desktop version. It’s extremely easy to use, since the signing up process doesn’t take a lot of time. Moreover, logging the number of hours you’ve worked and adding specific tasks is a piece of cake. The timer is extremely visible, allowing you to simply take a quick look at the app to see how much you’ve worked. Basically, all you need to do is input the task, start the timer, and then stop it when you’ve finished working. Even if you don’t have to pay for the basic version, if you’re interested in some extra features, you’re going to have to pay $5 a month.

2. My Hours

My Hours is another time calculator app that you can get both in the App Store and in Google Play. You can use it for free, or pay $3 per month if you’re interested in the pro version. The free version comes with great features, such as the possibility to easily start and stop the timer (in case you want to take a break), or even switch it between several tasks for when you’re multitasking. Plus, it allows you to also bill your hours, if you’re a freelancer. It’s extremely easy to set up, to add projects and tasks, and to keep track of them. It’s basically everything you could want in a time tracking tool.

3. ATracker

Currently only available for Apple users, this great app is perfect for people who don’t want to track just their work habits, but also their personal ones. You can track how much time you’ve spent on any task or activity just by starting and stopping the timer. The great thing about ATracker is that at the end of each day, you get a report. This contains all the relevant information related to that day’s tasks and the time you spent on them. We especially love its minimalistic and clean design. Thus, we think it’s a great choice for anyone who would like to be able to keep track of time in a simple and easy way.

These time tracking tools will help you answer the question “How many hours did I work today?” in no time. Don’t hesitate to test them out for free!

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Author: Amanda Knowles