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How Do You Handle Conflict at Work Without Endangering Your Job

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As much as we would like to avoid all kinds of conflict at work, the truth is that sooner or later we will find ourselves in a difficult situation. Even if the conflict is not major, it can still affect your relationship with the other person and your job. Which is why you have to think of the most appropriate ways of dealing with the situation. How do you handle conflict at work and keep everyone happy? This is what we’re going to talk about today.

How Do You Handle Conflict at Work?

#Allow for the Dust to Settle

Never try to handle a conflict when you and the other person are still angry. You already know that the conversation won’t be productive at all and you could actually make matters worse. However, you shouldn’t wait for too long either. This may make the issue escalate and turn into something much more serious than it initially was.

#Admit to Your Faults

If part of the conflict is due to your own faults, don’t be too afraid or proud to admit that. Stubbornly pointing the finger at the other person will get you nowhere. The best way to handle conflict is to admit that you have made a mistake. This denotes strength of character, not weakness.

#Don’t Assume Anything About the Other Person

Oftentimes, when we are in the middle of a conflict with someone at work, we start assuming the person’s motivations. We think their intentions are evil and we’re are suspicious of them, which in turn influences our behavior. Instead of simply assuming that you know what is going through your coworkers’ mind, just ask them if you did something to upset them, or try to find out how they regard the entire situation.

#Look Together for a Solution

The best possible option for ending a conflict is to come up with a solution together. So we advise you to talk to the other person openly and suggest your own solutions while also paying attention to what your coworker thinks you should do. In order for everyone to be satisfied with the result, the solution has to be something you both agree on.

#Don’t Hold a Grudge

Whenever you have to handle conflict at work, you should be honest about your feelings. Don’t act as if everything is fine when you’re actually still bothered by the other person’s attitude. Those feelings will eventually come out in the most inappropriate of times, which is why it’s better to deal with them immediately. Once you’re certain that you are able to forgive someone’s faults, holding a grudge should no longer be a viable option.

#Consider a Mediator

When the conflict is more intense, you sometimes need a third party that is neutral and will be able to provide you with an outside perspective. That person should have some experience with these types of conflict and should be someone you both trust. Remember that a mediator won’t come up with the solution to the problem, but simply help you discover your own.

We hope today’s guide managed to answer the question “How do you handle conflict at work?” and provide you with useful solutions that will not endanger your job.

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Author: Amanda Knowles