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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Temporary Employees

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Even though it may come as a surprise for some people, temporary workers can prove to be important for plenty of organizations. However, some say this is not such a good idea. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of hiring temporary employees.

Hiring Temporary Employees – Pros and Cons


1. The Company Adjusts Easier

Hiring temporary employees allows the company to adjust easier when it has workload fluctuations. For example, when one of your permanent employees is on vacation, maternity leave, or is simply ill, a temporary worker can cover up the work. Moreover, there are some high-demand projects that require an extra help.

2. Assessing the Worker’s Capacities

Hiring a worker for a temporary period can allow you to observe how they work. In this way, you can assess their abilities without making any commitment. When the temporary period is over, you can offer them to work full-time with your company.

3. Saving Time and Money

Hiring temporary employees requires less time and financial effort than a long-time one. If you employ a work agency, then they will be responsible for the entire process of finding the right employee for you. Some of them even offer some special training with certain types of software.


1. They Require Training

Regardless of their skills, any new employee needs to be trained for the specific job. And training temporary employees, again and again, can be quite an effort. Moreover, it can cost a lot of money in the long run, so you should consider whether it’s better to hire a full-time employee or not.

2. Benefits

Sometimes, it may be damaging for your funds to offer various kinds of benefits to all the temporary employees you are using. On the other hand, they may not be so eager to work with you again if you don’t offer some compelling advantages, such as insurance, rewards, etc.

3. Equality Issues

Temporary workers may be disappointed when working together with full-time employees. After all, they are both doing the same job, but they get different pays and benefits. However, you can’t offer them both the same money and rewards, and this may give birth to a conflict.

4. Safety Matters

According to various studies, temporary workers have a higher rate of on-the-job injuries than permanent ones. This means that you should offer them some safety training as well, which implies more costs and effort on your behalf. Moreover, they need constant supervision, so there’s another problem.


There are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to hiring temporary employees. Some say it’s better because you don’t have to commit to anything and you get your job done. What’s more, you can notice a great employee and lure them to your company with a full-time position. On the other hand, you might also encounter some superficial workers. They also need some special training, which leads to even more expenses on your side. Finally, remember that it’s only your choice to decide whether you need a temporary or a full-time employee, depending on the field and the nature of the task at hand.

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Author: Amanda Knowles