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Get Gym Motivation To Workout, Be Healthier, And Have More Energy

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Working out, eating healthy, gaining energy and starting a new routine is easy. Keeping it going, staying motivated and creating a habit is the hard part. We’ll discuss these and push you to get gym motivation o achieve your health goals.

Humans are creatures of habit. We find a routine, a schedule or a particular manner of doing things and we tend to stick to it. We find that it works for us. And we stick to it. Then, something happens.

Perhaps we make a new years resolution. Maybe we see ourselves in the mirror. It could even be the sudden heartburn from the 9th slice of pizza this week. Whatever it is we decide we are going to start going to the gym, working out, eating healthy and stay motivated. Sometimes, that isn’t enough. Even the best-laid plans go to waste.

So how can we stay motivated to workout, be healthier and have more energy? There are tips and tricks galore if you look hard enough. Here, we present you with some sure-fire methods to get your butt in gear and create a new habit.

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  • Gym Motivation (Actually Getting There)

Once we get it in our heads to start going to the gym or making a dietary change, we tend to do things like start on a Monday, or the first of the new month. We somehow have it in our heads that a day one should be the start of another timekeeping routine.

However, once that day comes, we roll over and hit snooze on our alarm clocks and give ourselves yet another excuse not to go that day. The cycle repeats, and soon we give up; back to our old habits.

How do you get the motivation to get up and go work out?

  • Accountability Partner

Find someone that will work out with you. A friend or neighbor or co-worker. When you hold each other accountable, you are more likely actually to show up.

Create a schedule, set a time and place to meet and agree to be there. Odds are you will both show up (especially early morning meetings) because you will be too scared to let your friend down. It’s easy to hit the snooze button. Harder when you know someone is waiting for you to show up.

  • Food Inspiration

Certain foods remove energy from our bodies. Treats and soda and sugary snacks before bed will tend to make you feel more sluggish and tired in the morning.

Cutting out late night snacks and having a well-balanced diet for dinner the night before will make it easier to get out of bed feeling refreshed the next morning.

This is a two-fold win, as you will have more energy and motivation plus, you will be eating healthier.

  • Timing is Everything

When you decide to start a work out routine, you tend to pick a date in the future. Next Monday, June 1st, or some other arbitrary date that will give you time to second guess yourself.

Instead, don’t worry about matching dates on a calendar. Once you decide to go, just go. When you make your announcement at dinner, get up in the morning and go the very next day. The less time you have to ponder your choices, the less likely you are to excuse yourself out of it.

  • Motivation to Continue

So, you got up the next morning and completed your first workout. That’s a great start to get gym motivation! Now you have to keep doing it! This can be a difficult task, especially when your life and day to day routines are already full.

Not only do you have to find the time in your daily schedule for your workout, but you also have to continue this for a while, without giving up, and try to turn it into a habit.

How do you stay motivated to continue after the first day?

  • Create Small Goals

We all want certain things from our workouts, but we fail to keep it in mind that it takes time to see progress. The general rule is 30, 60 90 days which means it takes 30 days for ourselves to see any change, 60 days for those closest to us to see the difference and 90 days for everyone else to take notice.

Instead of focusing on the long-term goal, say, having a defined six pack abs, you should instead focus on smaller, daily goals.

Having smaller goals to focus on, make it easier to stay motivated: Add five pounds to the weight bar tomorrow and still do all ten reps; Do one extra set of lunges; Jog one extra block before turning around.

Smaller goals give us a sense of accomplishment. The ability to check something off the list means we are making progress. It is easy to see, easier to do and helps keep you on track.

  • Be Better Than Yourself

You have to remember that the only person you compete with is yourself. Just because Joe McLarge on the next bench has four plates on his bar doesn’t mean you have to. But this is a way to get gym motivation nonetheless.

Keep track of your progress and attempt to be better tomorrow than you were today. If you are lifting weights, set small daily and weekly goals to increase reps, sets or weight. Also, if you are doing cardio and calisthenics, add feet, yards and eventually miles to your total.

If you do better than you did the day before that is a win. You should be proud and say it loud. Small wins are still won and baby steps even move you forward.

  • Motivation to Eat Healthily

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a new work out routine is the proper diet and making changes to your current one. It may be easy to say no to fast food, or grabbing a snack when you top off the gas tank, but does that mean you are eating healthy?

Probably not. Eating healthy isn’t about some fad diet or the next big supplement pill full of promises and no results. So how do we stay on track and eat healthily?

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  • Meal Prep Sundays

The most difficult aspect of eating healthy is getting the food made. There is a following that makes Sundays the day to prep meals for the entire week. They call the group Meal Prep Sundays and post images, recipes, advice, and ideas.

Eating healthy can be difficult. It can get bland, and you end up eating the same things over and over. With this group, you can get new ideas to liven up your daily meals and get new recipes.

The best part is that to be a member of this group, all you have to do is make your weekly meals on Sundays. You can find the tags on all social media sites, workout groups, and weight lifting member boards.

  • Abs Start in the Kitchen

You may have heard the phrase “Abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.” What this means is that you can have all the gym motivation in the world, lift the weights and do the crunches, and you will develop abdominal muscles.

However, unless you cut out fatty foods and also develop a healthy diet, that layer of fat that plagues most of our midsections will remain, and you won’t be able to see the results of all your hard work in the gym.

If you are looking for a gym motivation and to eat better, seeing the results that don’t come quickly is one of the best.

  • Your Family Eats Healthy

One other thing to think about is the food your family eats. If you get in the habit of stopping at the drive through on your way home or calling for delivery because you don’t feel like cooking that night, your family suffers as well.

However, when you are motivated to eat healthily, you also allow your family to eat healthily. It may seem like a simple conclusion. However, it isn’t a conscious effort we make.

Because habits are so hard to break, we don’t always think of our workout meal planning as part of the family dinner. As long as you make that connection, your family will benefit from your new dietary habits as well.

In Conclusion

Finding the gym motivation, eat healthily and have energy can be the most difficult aspect of starting a workout routine. However, to get results, keep the results and develop new, healthier habits, you need motivation.


Getting motivation to get out of bed or off the couch and make it to the gym can easily be accomplished. You can enlist the help of a friend as an accountability partner. You are far less likely to skip a session when you have a friend waiting for you at the meeting point.


Eating healthy is motivation itself, but also takes motivation, planning, and dedication. It doesn’t have to be so daunting or repetitious though. You can join social groups, follow social tags such as Food Prep Sundays, and others, to get recipes, ideas for meals and methods to make the weekly event more exciting.


Staying motivated is a crucial aspect of working out, eating healthier and getting energy. Find your reasons and stick with them and you can do anything.

Author: Jon Stahl