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Top 7 Grounds for Firing an Employee Legally

grounds for firing an employee

Even though in the United States it is legal to fire an employee without having to give a reason, most employers do not enforce this law. When they actually get round to dismissing someone from their ranks, they tend to do it for a very good reason. It differs from a lay-off, in which the company simply has no more work to offer you, so let’s take a look at the top seven grounds for firing an employee legally.

1. You Have Damaged the Company’s Property

Once you do this, you’re out, no question about it. Moreover, it doesn’t actually matter what you destroy. It’s just like in Les Mis, where Jean Valjean goes to jail for stealing a loaf of bread. Don’t kid yourself that a small item won’t matter.

2. Being in Possession of Alcohol or Drugs at Work

First of all, drugs are illegal. Therefore, not only does this qualify as grounds for losing your job, but you can also get arrested. Second of all, it is considered that taking drugs or drinking alcohol while at work will keep you from doing your job. Therefore, you can get fired.

3. You Have Falsified the Company’s Records

This matter is viewed upon as highly unethical. However, apart from the moral dilemma, you can land the company in very serious trouble with the law if they present altered documents. Even if they didn’t know about it. These are definitely grounds for firing an employee legally.

4. You Have Stolen Company Property

This should obviously go without saying by now. Stealing company property is a perfect reason for your boss to fire you without question. Also, it leads us back to reason number one and the Jean Valjean example. Don’t fool yourself into believing that a charger or a mouse won’t make any difference. It will.

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5. You’re Always Late

It might not seem like a big deal to you. You always come in ten or fifteen minutes after nine and no one bats an eye. We have news for you. According to CareerBuilder, 41 percent of all employers have fired people for being late. That’s right. Almost half of them!

6. You Were Too Much on Social Media

If you think that you can post things about your job, company, boss or colleagues on social media and get away with it, you’re wrong. 17 percent of all employers have given people the boot for misconduct on social media. Evidently, this is a heated debate because your social media accounts should be your own and you shouldn’t be judged for what you post on there. However, no side has won the argument yet.

7. You Took Too Much Time Off

This is a very frequent reason why employers feel the need to let people go. Employees use up all their legal vacation days, and then they call in sick very frequently. Managers tend to notice when you do this, and they don’t like it. Sooner or later you will get fired for not coming in enough.

Here are seven of the most common grounds for firing an employee. They range from stealing goods from your workplace to abusing substances and alcohol to calling in sick too much. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know some other reasons why people get fired.

Author: Amanda Knowles