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4 Graphic Design Portfolio Examples That Show Flawless Creativity

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If you are into graphic design and you want to show off your work in a creative and unique way, you might want to consider a graphic design portfolio. With everything being online now, you have unlimited possibilities of creating one. Honestly, the sky is the limit. Another great news is that you can find plenty of awesome graphic design portfolios that you can use for inspiration whenever you’re stuck. To that purpose, we thought we would show you 4 such examples that we think are really amazing. Let’s have a look!

Creative Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

1. Steve Mengin

We swear that whenever we access Steve Mengin’s website we are tempted to stare at its front page for hours. If you are curious why, you should check it out as well. It features clouds that are gently waving as they would on a windy fall day. However, if you press on the arrow that points down, you will get to explore Mengin’s work. We have to say, that one is totally worth it as well. Every once and again, when you mouse over images, you can enjoy a subtle ripple effect that shows the passion for details that Mengin has.

2. Melanie Daveid

It is a true pleasure watching this artist welcome us to her page and then seeing how her name takes shape in the middle of the screen. The fonts she chose to go with are absolutely lovely. So is the simple and elegant design of the entire website. Once you start scrolling down, you get to see how nicely she balances images with writing, keeping it clean yet powerful. Finally, if you scroll all the way down, what looks like a tree trunk and some tree branches will come together and form a hand that would like to high five you as you go.

3. Adhemas Batista

This extremely talented graphic designer was born in Brazil, but currently lives in Los Angeles. His graphic design portfolio shows the work he has done with many famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, or Sony. What we like about his work is that he adds an interesting twist to all of his designs. He relies very much on colors that make you want to scroll through his website forever. So if you are into pop art and vibrant colors, we’re sure you’re going to find some inspiration visiting Batista’s website.

4. Charlotte Tang

Charlotte Tang’s is probably one of the most creative graphic design portfolios you will ever stumble upon. Why do we say that, you ask? Well, for starters, when you access her website, you can see small round shapes that look like portholes and that feature some of her designs in black and white. If you are disappointed by this, you should know that once you mouse over them, they magically transform into colorful little portals. If you click on them, you will get more details about the design accompanied by even more wonderful visuals.

We are definitely inspired by the portfolios of these amazing graphic designers, and we hope you are too. They are living proof that you can achieve something amazing with a dash of creativity and a lot of passion.

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Author: Amanda Knowles