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Google vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Best For Your Company?

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We all know that currently, the advertising market for business is split between two big companies: Facebook and Google. Perhaps it’s a natural evolution of the market, but this leaves the business owner with a hard choice: Google vs Facebook ads. How to decide which one is better for your company? Today we’re offering you some tips on this topic.

Google vs Facebook Ads – Which One Will Win?

Google Ads Advantages

1. A Huge Audience

Perhaps the biggest advantage Google has is that it offers a huge audience. Every second, they record over 40,000 search queries. And the company is still growing. For this reason, Google ads are perfect for your business if you want to reach a huge number of potential customers.

2. Equal Treatment

People fear that if they pay less than other entrepreneurs, their ads will not be featured as much. However, this is not true. AdWords only considers the relevance and the quality of the ads, not the price.

3. Various Formats

Initially, when the service was launched in 2000, their formats were rather rudimentary. In time, they evolved a lot, and now you can use a huge variety of formats. The evolution was natural, considering all the kinds of devices that appeared in the meantime. As such, the ads are compelling and attractive for all the users.

Facebook Ads Advantages

1. Targeting Audiences

If there’s one thing Facebook is doing better than Google, it might be targeting the audience. People are sharing all kinds of details about their lives on the social platform. In turn, this helps the company have a better ad distribution, as well as placement.

2. Visual Platform

In the never-ending Google vs Facebook ads fight, one thing is sure: Facebook is a visual platform that relies on this kind of advertising more. While Google uses mostly text-based ads, Facebook relies on the visual component more, offering images and animations, which attract a larger audience.

3. Better ROI

ROI refers to the return on investment a business gets from their ads. According to various studies, this indicator is among the highest ones around with Facebook. This means that you get the most promotion on Facebook with the lowest money investment. However, the budget for a Facebook marketing and advertising campaign can vary a lot, depending on the field you work in.


All in all, we have to admit that both tech giants offer great options when it comes to advertising. On the one hand, we have Google with their huge audience and varied types of ads. On the other, we see Facebook catering to a tight niche and offering more for the same money.

It is indeed hard to decide on using just one platform. However, a clever advice would be to read more about combining various options with one another. A complementary approach towards these two services is essential for analyzing the Google vs Facebook ads battle. As such, you can get the best of both worlds and get the best results you could have for your own business.

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Author: Amanda Knowles