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7 Google Search Tips to Optimize Your Queries

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The activity of searching something on Google is perhaps the most common one everybody does at the office or at home. However, not everybody knows how to do it effectively. That’s why today we are going to present you a couple of Google search tips to find more relevant results for your search.

Google Search Tips to Bring You More Relevant Results

1. Take Advantage of the Tabs

After you type in something and hit Enter, you will see a couple of tabs appearing on the top of the search. Usually, the tabs are Web, Image, News, and More, but that can differ. This is a great tool for narrowing down your search and see what type of content you need exactly.

2. Use an Asterisk

This is a trick not everybody knows, but it can be very helpful. If you replace a word in a phrase with an asterisk, Google will return all the variations of that phrase it can find. For example, if you try to find the lyrics of a song but don’t remember or don’t understand all the words, try using the asterisk.

3. Use Plus or Minus Symbols

In general, Google shows you results that match most of your query, not necessarily all of it. If you want to help the search engine help you, use the plus or minus symbols. Place them in front of important or less important words. Google will thus know which terms you want to learn more about and will adjust the search results accordingly.

4. Use Quotes

When you’re sure what you want to look about, this is one of the best Google search tips you can use. Use inverted commas to tell Google to search for the exact phrase. This translates to less guesswork on its part and more accurate results for you.

5. Use the Website Function

If you only want to look for something on a certain website, you can let Google know about that. Use the “site: x.com” function after your search query in the search box to look for what you need.

6. Limit the Search Time

Although it’s a great thing that Google indexes information from so many decades behind, it can be quite overwhelming when trying to find only one thing. Luckily, you get the option to choose a period where Google can look. After you’ve run the search, click on Tools and then select Any time from the drop-down menu.

7. Do the Math

If you need to do quickly a complex calculation, you can rely on Google for that. Simply type in the numbers and hit Enter. Google will return the result and it will also offer you a calculator feature if you need more calculations. However, it doesn’t know how to solve all the math problems.


Google is one of the most useful things we have these days. Use the Google search tips we showed above to find what you need faster. From doing the math to excluding search terms or phrases, there are plenty of tricks to narrow down your search queries.

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Author: Amanda Knowles