5 Powerful Goal Setting Steps Young Millennials Should Follow

5 Powerful Goal Setting Steps Millennials Should Follow

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They are accused of being lazy, shallow and anti-social. But millennials are a seriously misjudged crowd. When it comes to this demographic, the world seems to wait for a ‘cue gasp’ after which they introduce the following theatrical line; ‘what is this world coming to?’ Often behaving weird when it comes to goal setting, this is the first generation that doesn’t know the world without technology and the internet. The Digital Natives introduced a whole new way of thinking from a professional point of view.

They step away from the fields, from manual labor, and even from the offices, and they have cleared a whole new path in the way they manage their jobs and personal lives. In fact, the Y Generation doesn’t even believe in dichotomizing their lives from their profession. Just like a space-time continuum, they design a life for themselves, not a life-work balance. In this way, their job or business doesn’t become a burden or something they just have to do, like the generations before them.

However, while it is true that this concept seems alluring, all millennials know it’s not an easy thing to pull off. So, how do you go about goal setting when you want the perfect lifestyle that encompasses both career and personal life? Here are a few tricks of the trade, in the shape of some simple, yet powerful steps to goal setting.

1. Start Learning Now

One thing millennials have in common and which, at the same time, sets them apart from every other generation before, is that don’t put worth in college degrees. If you are one who believes in this mantra, good.

We live in a world where professional success is based purely on what you know, what you can do, and your skills. You may have more than one diploma hanging on your bedroom wall, but if this is all you can show for yourself, you’ve already lost the race. Invest in knowledge, not papers.

2. Get a Mentor for Your Goal Setting Plans

You’re young, creative, brimming with confidence and knowledge, and wish to make it as soon as possible. However, don’t let your hubris take over. Get a mentor who can show you the way to success and help you in creating goals.

3. Be a Trailblazer

Another step you unquestionably need to make when approaching goal setting is the idea of becoming or acting as a trailblazer. You surely have a vision for a different future when it comes to your personal domain. Why not pioneer the way through the unchartered lands?

4. Don’t Follow the Mainstream

Here is one tip to setting goals for yourself that should be right up your alley. There is no mainstream allowed, and you should stay off the path. Everything that has been done before should be good and done. Make it your goal to come up with something new.

5. Networking

Evidently, not the classic type. You are a child of the smartphone, and you should strive to remain one and make the best of it. Take to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and widen your circles as much as possible. Yes, right from you living room or favorite coffee shop. The age of face-to-face meetings is long gone and you, as a millennial, know it best. Maximize your working time by using social media instead of wasting precious hours with face-to-face meetings.

Unlike any other generation before yours, you now literally have the world at your fingertips. You know you’re a group like none other. It has been said about you that you would much rather hike the Himalayas than go up the corporate ladder. Perfect. If you can make money out of it and that makes you happy, see you at the top!

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Author: Amanda Knowles