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Why You Should Go with the Flow: 4 Suprising Benefits of Spontaneity

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Especially if you’re used to always doing things your way, someone has probably already advised you to just “go with the flow”. Do you know what exactly going with the flow entails? Well, it usually means you should be more relaxed and learn that you can’t and don’t have to control everything. If you’re someone who cringes at the thought of doing this, then you could probably use to hear about a couple of benefits of being more spontaneous. Today, we’re going to tell you why you should go with the flow every once in a while.

Go with the Flow: 4 Amazing Benefits

1. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of going with the flow is the fact that you’ll become more flexible. If you’re always on a tight schedule that you’ve imposed on yourself, and straying from said schedule is giving you anxiety and stressing you out, it means that you should learn how to embrace the unpredictability of life more. There’s nothing wrong with creating a schedule. Just as long as you always leave room for things that might appear all of a sudden. Learn to be more flexible when it comes to what your priorities are and what you could postpone doing.

2. Gaining Insights

If you’re always doing things your way, you’re stopping yourself from experiencing things that could bring you insights into new and interesting areas of life. Imagine, if you may, living inside of a box. This is what happens to you when you refuse to go with the flow and feel the need to control everything. There’s a reason why you can easily connect the phrase “think outside the box” to “go with the flow”. If you allow yourself to – as Robert Frost would say – take the road less traveled by, you might wonder at the countless opportunities that await there.

3. Acceptance

One of the most important things that you have to be aware of in life is that not everything will always go according to the plan. Things can get crazy and chaotic in seconds, and you have to be ready to deal with them. If you learn how to go with the flow, you’ll also learn to accept things as they are. Thus, you’ll stop wondering what could have been if you’d have done things differently. The “what ifs” are a waste of energy that you could redirect to the “what nows”.

4. Less Frustration

It’s only normal for people who are used to getting their way to become really frustrated when things take a turn. This can only lead to anger, prolonged stress, and even depression. However, if you’re willing to go with the flow and understand that one of the best things about life is its unpredictability and capacity to surprise us constantly (otherwise we would get bored, wouldn’t we?), you’ll experience less moments of intense frustration.

We hope we’ve managed to convince you that going with the flow can be a wonderful experience. In order to find out more about what this means and how you can do it, we recommend listening to the audio material below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles