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Top 5 Gifts for Entrepreneurs: What to Buy for People of Vision

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It’s the season of gift giving again, and we couldn’t be more excited. While buying gifts for their loved ones fills most people with joy, there’s no denying that hunting for the perfect gift can cause a lot of people severe anxiety. For instance, what would you buy an entrepreneur? Wanting to find thoughtful and unique gifts for the special people in your life is nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, every year has its own holiday season, and in the end, you’re going to run out of creative gift ideas. Because we want to help you out, we decided to create this top of 4 gifts for entrepreneurs that you can offer to people this holiday season (and not only).

4 Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs 2016

1. A Charging Wallet

Yes, you heard that right, you can now purchase a charging wallet for the entrepreneur in your life. What is a charging wallet, you ask? Well, it’s a normal wallet that you can use to store your money and credit cards, but it also comes with a twist. The great thing about it is the fact that it doubles as an external battery. So you can also use it to charge your phone. You can order one on Amazon, and offer it both to entrepreneurs who have Apple devices and to people with Android phones. This is one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs who are always on the run and need to charge their phone multiple times a day.

2. A Smart Sleep Tracker

Most entrepreneurs are on a tight schedule, which means that sometimes sleep eludes them. Precisely because of that, they need an apparatus that can help them keep track of their sleep cycles and maximize their sleep experience. For instance, the Beddit Smart Sleep Tracker monitors your sleep, and tracks your heart rate, breathing, snoring, bed exits, and so on. This device also comes with an alarm that will wake you up at the best possible moment of your sleep cycle.

3. A Device That Helps Them Stop Losing Things

Everyone has, at least once in their life, lost their keys, wallet, phone, planner, or other such important items. Luckily, there’s a device that can put an end to your worries. It’s called Tile and it looks like a sticker that you can attach to any important object. Then, if you’ve lost the object, use your phone to start an alarm that can help you track it down. If it’s your phone that you lost, you can press on any Tile sticker. Your phone will start ringing, even if it’s on silent. Take a look at a Tile review down below.

4. A Balance Ball Chair

We all have at least someone in our lives who spends their entire day in front of the computer, be it at home or at the office. Why not purchase the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair and offer it to them as a holiday present? This chair will correct their posture and help them avoid any back pain.

Surprise the entrepreneurs in your life with one of the gifts above and they’ll be forever grateful.

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Author: Amanda Knowles