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4 Fun Challenges to Do with Your Colleagues for Better Teamwork

fun challenges to do at work

Everybody knows that when you work closely with a team of people every single day, you should establish a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with them. But perhaps not everybody knows how to do this. It is important to establish the professional boundaries between you and your colleagues. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep things fun and interesting. Good teamwork is essential for the success of a company. That is why we came up with 4 fun challenges to do with your colleagues in order to strengthen your work relationship. Let’s see what they are!

Fun Challenges to Do at Work

1. Scavenger Hunt

Hide some things around the office and then divide the team into several groups. Provide them with a list of objects that they have to look for. Give them a time limit and get creative with your clues, it will push them to become creative as well. In terms of fun challenges to do at work, this one pushes the team to work together in order to find as many objects as possible. It will strengthen their relationship, especially if they have to get creative and come up with all sorts of possible answers to your riddles.

2. Poker Tower

Some other fun challenges to do with your colleagues can involve you getting crafty as well. For instance, you could split the team into a few groups and give them a pack of cards and a pair of scissors each. The goal is to build the highest poker tower using only the materials you have provided. They will definitely come up with interesting and creative ideas to build the tower, and also bond in the process.

3. Back-to-Back Drawing

For this challenge, you will have to divide the team into pairs, and ask them to sit on the floor back to back. Then, give one person in the team a picture of an object or a shape. Ask them to describe it to the other person without actually telling them what it is. The second person in the team will have to draw whatever he or she hears. At the end, you will compare the original picture with the drawing and see if they’re similar or not. These types of fun challenges to do at work will let you know if there are any problems of communication that you should improve in your team.

4. Human Knot

When it comes to this challenge, be prepared to laugh a lot and have a great time. What you have to do is ask all the employees to stand in a circle and then use their right hand to grab the hand of another person standing across from them. After they are done with this, they have to do the same with their left hand. Just make sure nobody is holding the hand of a person standing right next to him or her. The goal is to untangle everybody without breaking the chain. You might have to repeat this activity several times, until you are successful. The team will have to work together and communicate openly to complete the task.

These are only a few of the fun challenges to do with your colleagues at work that you can come up with, but they will definitely get them working together and also having fun in the process. Why not give them a try?

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Author: Amanda Knowles