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7 Websites that Offer Free Music for Commercial Use to Remember

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If you’re a video creator, a producer or simply want to use free music, then you’ve probably asked Google about such websites already. Today we are going to suggest you some of the best online resources that bring free music for commercial use.

Websites with Royalty-Free Music for Commercial Use

1. Incompetech

Incompetech is one of the best websites if you want to get some free music. Composer Kevin MacLeod started it and it comes with tons of music. If you want to use the music for a video, Kevin simply asks people to mention the website. It offers a vast array of choices, from pop to rock, polka or horror soundtracks, for instance.

2. DanoSongs

The second entry on our list of websites with free music for commercial use is Dan-O’s. He is a composer that lets people download his original songs for free at DanoSongs.com. The only requirement is that you mention the website in the credits section of your video.

3. Moby Gratis

This is a great resource if you want to use music from a well-known artist without paying the licensing fees. Moby Gratis offers Moby’s songs for free use and download. However, if you plan to make a movie and use this music, keep in mind that the film must be non-profit or non-commercial.

4. Free Soundtrack Music

Just like its name says, Free Soundtrack Music offers free music for soundtracks. However, you can use the music for a variety of other multimedia productions, such as games, films, YouTube videos, etc. Most of the music is free, though there are some tracks for which you must pay for. It’s easy to download and add it to the video production too.

5. ccMixter

Though its name might sound weird, ccMixter is a great place to find free music for commercial use. A lot of music is placed under the Creative Commons rule, so you can sample music from here, listen to it, make your own mashups, etc. The one thing to remember is that with some of the tracks you will need to give credit.

6. Partners in Rhyme

For the more specialized listeners, Partners in Rhyme offers plenty of music loops, midi files, sound effects and others. You can also find some music you must pay for, but there are lots of other tracks that are available for free download. Most of them are full-length, so you can manage with this resource for your project.

7. PacDV

The last entry on our list of websites is PacDV. It offers free sound effects and music which you can use for multimedia projects, films, videos and other audio products. However, if you use the tracks, you should provide a link to the website or list them in the credits section.


The websites above are valuable resources for anyone who needs some free music for commercial use. Even though you may not find exactly the track you’re looking for, there are plenty of options available there, suitable for any taste or purpose. Just keep in mind that sometimes you must give credit to the website or the author.

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Author: Amanda Knowles