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Is Flyer Advertising Still Effective? Pros and Cons to Flyers


The traditional marketing is definitely no longer the behemoth it used to be.  Nowadays, consumers are waiting for the next online website to leave a stark impression on them. However, there is still a tiny branch of this dying industry that can still create a memorable impact. This is about flyer advertising. While the Internet is having trouble putting its overflowing content into order, the small leaflet is non-intrusive, catchy, portable, and shareable in real time.

With Millennials paying less and less importance to paid cable television, the traditional marketing continues its free fall. However, flyer advertising might still be a relevant tool for attracting potential clients. Let’s see the pros and cons of this marketing strategy and if it really pays off.

Pros of Choosing Flyer Advertising

Minimum Production Costs

Flyer designs can vary from one budget to another. If you don’t have the funds yet to invest in expensive paper, services of a professional designer, and quality printing, you can always go with a basic sheet of paper.

However, you should consider at least an eye-popping detail. This can be as simple as one background color such as neon green for your flyer advertising. On the other hand, if your business addresses to a serious public, try other forms of raising awareness that is less eccentric. For instance, you can start your copy with a solution to a concerning problem for your target audience.

Location, Location, Location

Probably the best part about flyer advertising is that you don’t need to pay for location. There is no rent, pay-per-click or any other type of fee that can eat through your funds. As such, you can choose the best spots to distribute your flyers. You can go to crowded places such as a main avenue, park, entrance to a concert, and others.

However, it is best to be mindful of your location. As the main goal of your flyers is to reach your target audience, you should make sure that the selected spot has plenty of potential customers. For example, if your business runs in the digital design industry, you can spread the word about it nearby local events that tackle such a subject.

Cons of Choosing Flyer Advertising

Lack of Tracking Methods

Within digital advertising, specialized platforms are displaying tons of indices that measure the performance of a campaign at just a click of a button. This way, you can find out the weak points in your marketing efforts and strengthen them.

However, this doesn’t work with flyer advertising. Usually, the rule of thumb dictates that if your business starts growing in popularity a few days after you spread flyers, then they were effective. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling how successful your endeavors really were.

Flyers Might Look Cheap

The people you interact with might read into this. As such, they might correlate your flyer advertising to the image of a mediocre business. If the flyer talks about luxurious products, yet your promotional material is just a plain, simple piece of paper, they might not take your word for it.

Therefore, you should make sure this marketing material is in tune with your business. In the end, your flyer should act as an ambassador on behalf of your brand.

Final Word

In conclusion, flyer advertising can be another effective marketing method to raise brand awareness. However, it doesn’t have the potential to carry the entire responsibility of a comprehensive campaign. In today’s world, a flyer should be backed up by a social media event, website or any other online page. As businesses vary in style and success recipes, it is up to you to test this method out and decide its level of effectiveness. If you are planning such a traditional campaign, you are always welcome to leave a comment bellow with your own insights.

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Author: Amanda Knowles