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7 Flexible Careers for People Who Can’t Work on a Schedule

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As the business world is changing more and more, heading towards flexible jobs and work schedules, people’s requirements for the jobs change as well. Whether we’re talking about students, parents or people who simply love their freedom, flexible careers are trending right now. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular.

Flexible Career Ideas

1. Account Executive

Flexibility doesn’t necessarily mean less work to do. On the contrary, sometimes you will have to do the same tasks in a shorter time. As an account executive, you should take care of lots of tasks, build client relationships, find new customers and maintain their accounts. You can even travel for work, which is great if you’re a traveler. The flexible part here refers to the fact that you are able to telecommute.

2. Account Manager

This position presupposes taking care of client relationships, evaluating the right solutions, making sales and monitoring the market trends. The best thing about it is that you can opt between a full- or a part-time schedule. There are also temporary positions available, telecommuting and even freelance options.

3. Business Development

People who work in business development need to identify the right opportunities for sales, business expansion areas, and partnerships. The professionals in the field are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree and years of experience. There are also part-time opportunities, temporary positions, flexible schedules, telecommuting or freelancing options.

4. Client Services Coordinator

This is yet another example of the best flexible careers you can get into. You have to take care of clients’ needs, to resolve their issues, to advocate for them and to make them happy. This position is available in various domains, such as veterinary, real estate, health care, technology etc. For this, you need a GED or a diploma from high school, as well as some customer service experience. You can only find some part-time offers here, unlike the other job opportunities.

5. Elementary School Teacher

In general, elementary teachers lead students, plan their lessons, collaborate with parents and manage their curricula, goals, and materials. It is recommended if you have an inclination for teaching children. There can be telecommuting opportunities, part-time schedules, freelancing options or permanent ones, depending on what you’re looking for.

6. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants must register new patients, to document the medical notes, review the medical charts, assist the care plans and so on. Obviously, you need to be a certified medical assistant to work in this position. Thankfully, there are full and part-time schedules, occasional jobs or telecommuting options.

7. Web Designer

Web designers develop various web products, such as graphics, newsletters, websites, digital campaigns, as well as other components. Of course, you need to be accredited for this or to have a couple of years of experience. Here you can choose between telecommuting, full- and part-time jobs, short-term ones or freelancing.


The list above is not an exhaustive one in what concerns flexible careers. There are many other options out there, so if you need to have a flexible schedule, rest assured there are various opportunities for you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles