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4 Expert Networking Tips to Apply in Your Personal Life

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Networking for business growth is undeniably great. While many people advise on professional networking, not a lot of them choose to focus on networking tips for your personal interactions. In order to grow your circle of friends and acquaintances, you have to be able to network the right way. What does that mean, you ask? Well, we’ve gathered a couple of expert networking tips that are going to answer that for you. Let’s see what they are!

Mistreating people would be burning bridges that you never know when you might need.

4 Expert Networking Tips for Your Personal Connections

1. Find Something in Common

The easiest way to connect with someone is to find something you have in common. You’ve probably noticed that whenever you find someone who likes the same music you do, you tend to engage in a passionate conversation about your favorite bands and different music recommendations. This applies to anything in life. It doesn’t matter what the common denominator is, as long as you can find one. Deborah Petersen, editorial director at Stanford Business, says that this process entails being able to read people quite fast. Remember that you might not have the chance to spend that much time with them, so you have to make every moment count.

2. Share Interesting Stories

Everyone loves a good story. It can be the perfect ice breaker, and it can help you build long-lasting friendships. Christina DesMarais, writer and journalist, believes that as long as you make your story interesting, you’re going to become memorable. The trick is to know how to make a story captivating, and when to tell it. If you have difficulties starting to tell a story, you can find one that connects to something your interlocutor just said.

3. Leave Your Comfort Zone

We know this sounds like an obvious thing to say to someone who wants to build a network. Even so, it’s actually something a lot of people still don’t understand the importance of. Founder and CEO of Roo Outdoor, Mike Kafka, advises people not to be afraid of attending events where there are a lot of people they don’t know. Most likely, you’re going to leave the event having interacted with a lot of different people, and having learned new and interesting things that might be useful to you in the future.

4. Be Nice to People

Sometimes, the best way to connect with people is simply to be nice to them. Unfortunately, a lot of people have forgotten how to just be nice to others, be it because life has made them crueler, or because they’re too focused on their own problems to think about other people. Linda Cattelan, career and life coach, thinks that mistreating people would be burning bridges that you never know when you might need. Which is why you should try to be genuinely nice to the people you interact with.

While these expert networking tips can be applied to all areas of life, we’re particularly fond of how well they work for personal interactions. Keep them in mind for a successful approach to networking.

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Author: Amanda Knowles