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5 Excel Tips and Tricks to Turn You into an Expert

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Everyone watches the occasional life hack video. You know the ones we’re talking about, which show you how to get wine stains out of white T-shirts and gum out of children’s hair with peanut butter. But did you know there are also Excel tips and tricks that can actually turn you into an expert and master this elusive white whale of an application? Here they are.

1. One Key to Open Them All

Here’s a neat little trick that will shave off precious seconds when you’re in a rush. If you want to open several Excel files at the same time, instead of double-clicking on them one by one, here’s what you need to do. Select them all, using Ctrl-A, of course, not your mouse, and press Enter. Voila!

2. Shifting Between Files

Working in Excel is mainly a manual labor in which you have to put in or take out data. Most of the times you have to juggle several spreadsheets at the same time so that you can transfer this data from one place to the other. Therefore, using the mouse or pad every two seconds can become a nuisance. Not to mention it takes considerably more time.

Ctrl-Tab is here to the rescue. Using this key combination to shift between spreadsheets so that all the work you do is focused on the keyboard.

3. More Borders

In any other situation in life, when you hear the term ‘more borders,’ you tend to tense up and cringe. Not when it comes to spreadsheets, though. As far as Excel tips and tricks go, this one is a blessing. We’re sure you already knew how to add borders to your cells, but did you know you can also add a diagonal line across a cell to split in half? Go to ‘More Borders’ in the Format Cells menu to see the wonder with your own eyes.

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4. The Vague Search and Wild Card

Although this sounds like the name of an old Western more than anything else, it is, in fact, an Excel hack. You know how to search for something in a spreadsheet. The key is using the combination Ctrl-F, which stands for ‘find.’

However, the search holds two wilds cards. The first one is the Question Mark and the second one is the Asterisk. You can use them when you don’t know exactly what the target result is all about. The first one stands for a single character while the latter is for one or more.

But what if the question mark or the asterisk are what you are looking for in the search, you ask? Then simply add a Wave Line before each in the search field.

5. The Arrows

Once again, you don’t have to waste time or energy using the mouse or the pad if you know these Excel tips and tricks. If you combine the Ctrl key with any of your arrows, the combo will lead you to the edge of your sheet. If what you need is to reach the very bottom line, then the combination you’re looking for is Ctrl and the downward button.

Here are just a handful of all the Excel tips and tricks in existence but what we believe to be some of the best. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know all about your experience in working with spreadsheets and share some of your own tips!

Author: Amanda Knowles