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4 Examples of Mission Statements from Visionary Entrepreneurs

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Have you ever asked yourself what makes a company successful? If you’re an entrepreneur, probably. One of the answers to this question is to take a look at the mission statements successful companies have. Sometimes, this can tell you a lot of things about the company itself. For this reason, today we are going to have a look at a couple of examples of mission statements. But first, some definitions.

Mission or Vision?

A common mistake is to confuse a mission statement with a vision statement. The mission thing needs to state the purpose of an organization. Most of the times, it describes briefly the company, what is its function and what it aims to do. Meanwhile, the vision statement refers to the big dreams and plans of the company. Often, you can find them together.

Examples of Mission Statements You Should Learn Something From

1. Life Is Good

Besides committing to spreading optimism through their clothes, this brand has an interesting mission statement as well. “Spreading the Power of Optimism” is a simple, yet powerful statement. No wonder people are attracted to it. And it’s even more impressive if you think about the fact that the visionary entrepreneur, Bert Jacobs, founded the company together with his brother back in 1994. And it has been successful ever since then.

2. Warby Parker

Yet another successful company is Warby Parker. And it’s important to look at their mission statement: “To offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.” It might sound complicated at first, but Neil Blumenthal and the other founders certainly know what they’re doing. It uses words that show their connection to other businesses as well, and not only to them but to the society too. Moreover, it mentions their ‘revolutionary prices’, which is meant to attract more customers.

3. InvisionApp

If you look at some examples of mission statements from B2B companies, you will see that they sound pretty much the same. However, InvisionApp is an exception. Clark Valberg did an excellent job when he chose the mission statement for the company: “Question Assumptions. Think Deeply. Iterate as a Lifestyle. Details, Details. Design Is Everywhere. Integrity.” It does sound a little weird, but it’s very minimalistic. Brief and authentic descriptions are the best when you want to connect to your audience.

4. Honest Tea

The first thing you notice about this brand is that it relies on a pun. Honestly (pun intended), the entire marketing idea is very well thought-through. As such, their purpose is “to create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic beverages”. Seth Goldman is one of the founders and it seems that they did a great job by placing an accent on healthy tea. Even though the market is filled with tea companies, this business attracts people who love natural components.


The examples of mission statements we presented above are just a couple of the smart ones you can find. If you do some research, you can have a look at other interesting statements, so you can have an idea about writing your own if you need it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles