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5 Successful Figures Talk Ethical Leadership

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Ethical leadership has become an important pillar of the business world today. It refers to the type of leadership that follows ethical beliefs and values and which considers the rights and the dignity of the people. As such, it is tightly connected to concepts such as charisma, fairness, honesty, and consideration. You can also research other types of leadership, such as the adaptive leadership model. Let’s see how some successful entrepreneurs see this ethical type.

How Entrepreneurs View Ethical Leadership

1. Lama Ataya

Lama Ataya is a Chief Marketing Officer. She works at Bayt.com and she has an interesting view on leadership. In her opinion, we can’t talk about this particular type of leadership without talking about the respective behavior. Ethical behavior is an easy concept, referring to knowing and doing the right thing. She adds that it is important to hire leaders who have high morals.

2. Kate Taylor

She is a reporter that comes often in contact with the business market. Ethical leadership is a subject she knows very well. In her vision, companies manage to reach the path of innovation only with the help of ethical leaders. In fact, according to her, 80% of the companies want to adapt their ethics to the business needs that change constantly. Kate Taylor also adds that companies are looking for leaders to follow these concepts.

3. Gwen Moran

Gwen Moran explains to us in an article how business ethics are in danger. From what it seems, the ethical side of the business is eroding. What’s more, employees have a perception about their leaders that is getting worse and worse. Retaliation against the whistleblowers has also been on the rise. As such, she claims that people are heading towards a stronger enforcement of ethical concepts.

4. David Hagenbuch

Another successful figure on our list of people who tackle ethical leadership is David Hagenbauch. He is a Professor of Marketing at Messiah College, as well as the founder of www.mindfulmarketing.org. He sees 4 basic pillars of the ethics in business, namely fairness, integrity, decency, and sustainability. Indeed, these pillars don’t guarantee any morality in the enterprise of leadership, but they are some general suggestions on which to rely.

5. Jeffrey Hayzlett

The last on our list is Jeffrey Hayzlett. He has plenty of contact with the business world, working as a prime-time TV and radio show host, a speaker and an author. In his view, there are 10 commandments any business should respect if they want to practice ethical leadership. Briefly, these are: return a profit, know your value, invest in your business, surround yourself with the right things, never stop learning, put your ideas into practice, don’t forget about marketing, be flexible, strive for excellence and think big.


Finally, remember that ethical leadership can have many applications or definitions. What’s important is to always do what is right and what you feel it’s appropriate for your company. However, the tips above are given by successful figures, whether they are themselves entrepreneurs or not, so they’re a good starting point. Try to respect them all and keep in mind to be fair and ethical to your employees, which also includes a successful leadership transition.

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Author: Amanda Knowles