4 Influencers Shed Light on the Essential Qualities of a Leader

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There’s no fixed understanding of the concept of leadership. If you ask 10 people what they think the essential qualities of a leader should be, you’re not going to get the exact same answers. Sure, many might overlap, but in the end, people have different ideas of what it means to be a leader. One thing’s for sure: a leader should have many qualities. Today’s article is all about 4 of the most important qualities of a leader, as understood by top influencers.

Showing your team members that you’re able to laugh at yourself will encourage them to be more relaxed.

4 Qualities of a Leader: Expert Views

1. Grace

This may seem like an strange choice of a quality for a leader, but bear with us. What we mean by grace is the ability to solve any issue with elegance and dignity, even when conditions are less than optimal. UpSearch’s Shawn Upchurch believes that a good leader should show class no matter the situation he or she is put in. It’s no secret that leaders often have to face difficult situations and manage sensitive topics. Thus, it should come as no surprise that they have to know how to act gracefully.

2. Humor

Leadership expert John Baldoni believes that every leader should possess a strong sense of humor. Apart from being able to joke and loosen up the atmosphere at the office, a leader should be able to laugh at himself or herself. Oftentimes, people feel intimidated when they have to approach their team leader. Showing your team members that you’re able to laugh at yourself will encourage them to be more relaxed. Furthermore, it will help them realize that you’re as human as they are.

3. Vision

We hear the word vision a lot nowadays, especially when it comes to people who have to act as leaders. But what exactly does it mean to have a vision? Well, being a person with a vision entails the ability to instill your creativity and unique approach in the minds and hearts of the people in your team. You have to be able to persuade people to share your vision and work together to achieve it. Leadership coach Tanveer Naseer believes that what encourages people to pursue a vision is the fact that they’re able to single out some inherent value in their efforts.

4. Empathy

Finally, another extremely important quality of a leader is the ability to empathize with people. A ruthless leader is never going to gain the respect and admiration of his or her team members. Eventually, it is that admiration that motivates people to work hard in order to be a worthy member of the team. Blogger Sharlyn Lauby thinks that great leaders should know how to put themselves into someone else’s shoes and look at things from different perspectives. Each person in your team has something that he or she can contribute to the success of the entire team. The trick is to know how to listen to them and accept their views and opinions.

These are only a couple of the essential qualities of a leader, but they’re definitely some of the most relevant ones. We hope the leadership experts mentioned above have managed to convince you of that.

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Author: Amanda Knowles