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3 Ways to Energize Your Interview

3 Ways to Energize Your Interview by Penny Zenker

A successful interview is important because it opens up the door to being called back or offered the job. In public speaking there is a saying that people wont remember exactly what you said but people will remember how you made them feel. That is because the energy we bring, create and leave behind is everything.  It is all about energy management..

No matter if you are out of work or taking the next step in your career interviewing can be intimidating and uncomfortable for some.

Managing your energy will also increase your ability to answer the questions with more confidence and find the answers more quickly. Managing our energy comes from 4 Core Drivers. They are Purpose, Language, Focus and Physiology.

Here are some interview tips that control the energy of the interview based on focus and language.

1. Atta Boy/Girl:

Review your personal and professional accomplishments, awards and accolades before you got into the interview. This will get you in a positive state of mind. It could be you have been out of work and frustrated lately. If you don’t do this mental preparation you might fall into trap of focusing on story you tell yourself from time to time like “Why would they hire me” , “I am not good enough”, and so on.

It may not be noticeable to you but instead of coming across as experienced you come across as contaminated even if those words never come out the energy is transferred.

2. A to Z:

Again whether you have been out of a job for a long time or just a few days it doesn’t matter, the situation can leave you feeling down. It is up to you to remind yourself of how great you really are. And you are!

One way to remind yourself of the skills and attributes you bring to the table is to list the characteristics you embody and an example of each. Start with A and work your way through the alphabet. A – Accountable, B – Bold and so on that fir for you.

3. Role Play:

Do a role play interview with someone and record the interview. Listen to the tape and notice what kind of energy did you bring across in the interview? Were you confident and upbeat? Did your language support that?

Preparing for the best energy of the interview is just as important as your research of the firm, the people you will be meeting with and the job description and responsibilities.

Author: Penny Zenker

Penny Zenker is a strategic business coach and trainer, boosting productivity for entrepreneurs. She leverages her personal experiences of building up and later selling a multi-million dollar business and works with business leaders all over the world as a Tony Robbins Business Coach. Penny’s proven and practical approach helps people get results quickly. Her book Tug of War With Time takes you through the 10 Core Drivers that help avoid procrastination and perfectionism and perform in the Productivity Zone.