Employer Branding: The Key to Building a Great Team

Employer Branding: The Key to Building a Great Team

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What is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is also known as talent branding. More importantly, it is a company’s reputation as an employer. Branding usually refers to how consumers visualize a company’s culture. Google is the cool place to work, AND a cool company to the end-user.

So the question is, do jobseekers want to work for your company? If not, then your employer branding is in major need of an overhaul. It is the perception the public and potential employees have about the internal culture of your company. But how do you do that? Here are all the details you need to know about this concept, as well as, five tips on how to build it.

You, as the business owner, need to build a workplace the employees love to come to every morning. If you manage to do that, you will benefit in the long run. You won’t spend as much money trying to advertise your positions, recruiting, and hiring people because they will all come to you, lured by the perspective of a great working environment.

If this argument alone doesn’t convince you, here are a few statistics we picked up from LinkedIn:

  • Companies which have done a great job of their employer branding efforts attract twice as many applicants per job as their competitors.
  • More than 80 percent of the people who were asked this question said that they would undoubtedly leave their current job if they had the opportunity to work for a company with a great employer branding situation.
  • All the businesses which have strong employer branding experienced more than 40 percent decrease in costs per hire.

Tips on How to Build Employer Branding

1. Focus on Your Personal Culture

This idea means, you have to build your individual brand from the inside out. Think about the fact that social media has all the power nowadays. In other words, if people are not having fun working for you, others will find out soon enough.

2. Allow Your Employees to Be the Ambassadors of Your Brand

Consider your employees your personal team of marketers when it comes to employer branding. Why not use them? They will start spreading the word that their workplace is the best one around. People will start droning in looking for jobs. Not to mention all the referrals you will get from your current workers.

3. Make Social Media Your Best Friend

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to show the world how fantastic it is to have a job in a workplace like yours.

Employer branding is beneficial is so many ways you wouldn’t believe it. Are you not yet convinced? Why don’t you give it a try?

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Author: Amanda Knowles