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Understanding the Employee Empowerment Phenomenon

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Many managers and directors think they know what the employee empowerment phenomenon is, but most of the times they are wrong. There is the misconception that empowering your employees will take away from your authority and make them less obedient. However, this is not entirely true. Let’s have a look at what this phenomenon means.

What Is the Employee Empowerment Phenomenon?

This strategy has been defined in many ways, which can be quite confusing. Essentially, employee empowerment refers to the process of allowing an employee to act, think, react and/or control their work. Simply put, it refers to letting your employee be more autonomous. It has been proven that this type of phenomenon has very positive results.

Why Is Employee Empowerment Important?

There are various things you can achieve with an employee empowerment strategy. One of the most important things is that it shows that you value your people. Employees will perform better when they feel that they are appreciated. By letting them make some decisions, you show that you trust their potential. Another example of a purpose (or consequence) is making people feel they belong. With this strategy, you show them they are part of something bigger than their individual job.

What Other Benefits Does It Have?

Here you have some employee empowerment advantages, which show why people choose to use this employee empowerment strategy:

1. Improving Productivity

In general, employees have some useful ideas about improving productivity and thus reducing costs. And it makes sense since the employee is the one who knows all about their own job. What they need is an opportunity to step out of the limitations of the job. For this reason, you should make sure they feel confident enough to share their ideas.

2. Improving Customer Service

An empowered employee can do more for the customers than usual. If they feel that they have more freedom, statistics have shown that they are more likely to make everything they can for the customer. This translates to a better customer satisfaction, which can only be beneficial for your company. What’s more, employees will be proud of their job when they feel that they can be independent and make decisions on their own.

3. More Receptive to Change

The employees who are free to make their own decisions are more receptive to change. And this has become essential in today’s world, where everything is changing so fast. They should be accustomed to changing things and not becoming set on a particular way of doing things. What’s more important is that they are free to question what’s going on around them and to raise new challenges.


Employee empowerment is quite a recent phenomenon, which is why not everybody is familiar with it. It basically consists in giving your employees more power and more freedom to make their own decisions. This has unexpected positive results, such as increasing productivity and making people more motivated at work. Moreover, they feel they belong more to the company and to the team, which makes them more loyal and willing to get over any inconveniences. There are, of course, some employee empowerment disadvantages, but they are overcome by the benefits.

Author: Amanda Knowles