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5 Early Signs of Workplace Bullying and How to Take Action

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If your job has become more than a chore for you because of your colleagues’ or boss’ attitude, it you feel trapped every day at work and can’t wait to go home, and if you feel like you can’t breathe in the office environment, then you might be struggling with workplace bullying. Unfortunately, workplace bullying is not such an uncommon thing nowadays. Some people don’t even realize they are being bullied because they can’t interpret the signs. Today, we are going to look at 5 early signs of workplace bullying and how you can deal with them.

Signs of Workplace Bullying

1. You Are Ignored and Excluded

Bullying is not always actively doing something to another person, it can also be not acknowledging their presence at all. If you notice your colleagues don’t involve you in office projects or “forget” to tell you about important meetings where you should be present, you might be experiencing workplace bullying.

2. You Feel Like Nothing You Say/Do Matters

Another attitude a bully can have is to make the other person feel like he or she is useless. Nothing you say or do seems to satisfy the bully. He or she might purposefully ask you to take care of the most unimportant tasks. That is so that you feel like no one can trust you with anything more relevant.

3. You Are Pitied Against Your Coworkers

Do you have a colleague that is doing his or her best to get everybody arguing about the most unimportant things? Does this person encourage competition through hostility? That is because he or she is looking to create conflict and takes pride in seeing other people fight over who the best employee is or who should get the next project.

4. You Are Constantly Being Criticized

Let’s get one thing clear: constructive criticism is not a bad thing. However, when someone criticizes you all the time in a very violent and unreasonable manner, this person might be a bully. The bully’s attitude comes from the fact that he or she wants to put you down. Furthermore, the bully thrives on you feeling guilty and ashamed.

5. Your Work Is Presented as the Bully’s Effort

Another way in which a bully feels the need to assert himself or herself is through taking credit for another person’s work. So not only will the bully make you believe that you can’t actually do anything right, but when you do, he or she will present it as his or her work.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you should do if you think you might be dealing with workplace bullying is to analyze the situation and ask yourself some questions. For instance, are you the only person who has to deal with this bully? If not, what are some common characteristics that the bullied have? Then, if the bully does not seem to be physically violent, the best thing you could do is address him or her directly. Only if that doesn’t seem to solve the problem, should you talk to a manager about the issue. The important thing is to handle things professionally and peacefully. Don’t stoop to the level of the person bullying you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles