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5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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It’s January, and this means that it’s time to get your marketing strategy ready for the new year. The first step to doing that is knowing exactly what the digital marketing trends are for 2018. Some of the following are predictions while others tend to focus more locally. However, all of them will have an effect on your business in one way or another.

1. Using Artificial Intelligence Will Increase

Artificial Intelligence or AI is not new at all. In fact, even if you didn’t know it, you have probably already interacted with marketing artificial intelligence. It comes in the shape of ads on social media or in search results. Moreover, 57 percent of all marketers already use AI.

As far as digital marketing trends grow, this percentage is expected to increase to 53 percent in 2019.

2. Live Videos Will Continue Their Reign

Not only that, but they will grow. The live video trend is growing exponentially as we speak. The reason is fantastically simple. 80 percent of all users would much rather watch a live video of someone talking or doing something than read a post. Moreover, if we are to take into account what Facebook itself has to say about it, live video gets about three times more views than regular posts.

3. Voice Searches Will Soar

Another thing that will continue to grow in 2019 will be voice searches. You can use them anywhere now. On your phone, laptop, tablet, speakers, and even desktop. By 2020, it’s estimated that half of all searches will actually be performed by voice rather than by hand.

What does this mean for you? That you have to start optimizing for voice search. This means that the keywords will be slightly different. For example, when performing a voice search, people will be more inclined to search ‘best ice cream shop in Brooklyn’ rather than ‘ice cream Brooklyn.’ The shift will be toward long tail keywords.

4. Advertising on the New Type of TV Will Grow

There’s a new type of TV in town and with it will come a surge of advertising in 2019. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and even Facebook have become the new generation type of television broadcaster with homemade series. You can only watch them on their platforms, and they are highly successful, winning troves of Emmys.

Evidently, this means that, quickly enough, advertising will move to that part of entertainment because that’s where all the people are.

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5. Generation Z

In 2018 we will be reaching the point of marketing to Generation Z. If you’re tired of hearing about the Millennials, it’s ok. You can take a break now because here comes Generation Z. It spans on two decades, and 2018 will finally be the year when we get to market directly to it. Therefore, you might as well get a move on as early as you can.

As we’ve seen, the digital marketing trends for 2018 include marketing to Generation Z, focusing on voice searches, live videos, advertising on the new type of TV, and using artificial intelligence to your benefit. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one of these ideas is best for your company and why.

Author: Amanda Knowles