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Digital Marketing Strategy: Definition, Examples, and Ideas

digital marketing strategy

This article specially addresses to those who are new to the digital marketing field. We will shortly define digital marketing and digital marketing strategy as means of improving one’s audience, conversion rate and so on. This is a basic coverage of the subject, as there are many variables which come along.

Digital Strategy — Definition, Strategies

Defining Digital Marketing

In the days gone, marketing represented a way to connect with an audience to promote something, be it a service or a product. The timing had to be just right. Advertorials in newspapers, on the radio or for TV were the main ways. Billboards later made their way. Nowadays, however, this isn’t sufficient anymore. The Internet swept away most of the traditional means because people tend to spend more time online.

Naturally, so, businesses had to adapt. So welcome digital marketing. Which means to say that basically, they point all the efforts to market a specific product or service on the digital playground to the digital audience.

Defining Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is, broadly speaking, the effort that a business makes to improve or create a way to convey a potential or prospective client into a real client. This can be done so by using a series of methods (strategies) to deliver information about a service – usually, a new one – or a product that was made as an asset to gain profit (for the business) and as an asset to provide a solution for the client.

Such assets include websites (including eCommerce websites), blog posts, eBooks (how to, guide etc.), interactive tools (analytics tools, branding tools etc.) or social media channels (think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). So, to sum up, a digital marketing strategy is a way to deliver such an asset to a prospective client (a new shoe which you are now selling) through the use of a specific channel.

Strategy Exemplification

There are a series of ways through which you can deploy a digital marketing strategy, such as funnel channeling, drip marketing.

First of all, to successfully implement such a digital marketing strategy you must do comprehensive and intensive research on marketing tools (drip mailing automation tools) or market competitors, and on the marketplace activity itself.

For example: for a successful drip marketing strategy, you must weigh the pros and the cons of this strategy. Are the pros outweighing the cons? How can it improve your conversion rate percentage? What are the risks? Then, you must define your digital marketing strategy objectives. What do you want to achieve? What is the set timeframe? And how? By using the PPC method? Through affiliate marketing? And so on. Afterward, you must make sure that you can successfully manage the channel integration into your business strategy.

Final Word

In one of our previous posts, we have outlined the pros and cons of automated email marketing. You can start from there. The main idea of a digital marketing strategy is to increase the traffic to your (eCommerce) site. Then, to make sure that the visitors stay on your site, interact with it. And that they, ultimately, buy from you the product or service that you envisage.

A successful digital marketing strategy will show a significant growth in the traffic and conversion rate. This will further translate into growing profit and exponential ROI improvement.

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Author: Amanda Knowles