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Top 4 Different Styles of Writing You Need to Master for Every Situation

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Depending on the effect you want to have on the reader, and/or on the purpose of your writing, using different styles of writing is a way to ensure that your message will come across in the best way possible. Especially if you’re someone who has to write things on a regular basis, you should at least be familiar with the different types of writing genres that you can use, and when you have to use them. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about 4 of them, tell you a little bit about each, and then mention one writer who is extremely skilled in his or her particular writing style.

4 Different Styles of Writing and Their Use

1. Persuasive

As the name of this style of writing suggests, persuasive writing is writing in order to convince someone of something. This means that if you’re going to write in this style, you will be highly subjective and include your own thoughts and opinions in your writing. Moreover, you’ll have to provide people with reasons why your arguments are relevant, and justifications for everything you say.

A great persuasive writer we should mention is Ben Stein, who is an American lawyer, commentator on economic and political issues, writer, and former speechwriter. He used to write speeches for Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, which is how he developed his persuasive writing skills.

2. Expository

The expository writing style simple states and explains facts, without adding a personal opinion to them. You can find it in newspapers, textbooks, and so on. The most common type of expository writing are the how-to articles that teach you a specific thing. In order to master this writing style, you have to learn how to be objective, use facts and figures, and keep everything in a logical sequence.

In terms of expository writing, Tim Noakes, editorial director at Dazed, which was previously known as Dazed and Confused, definitely makes his presence felt. Noakes started as an intern at Dazed. Now, he is one of the people that come up with the most thought-provoking articles related to counterculture.

3. Narrative

Narrative writing is all about the story. It’s what great novels are made of, but also short stories, poetry, novellas, biographies, and so on. In order to write in the narrative style, you’ll have to create a story, bring characters to life, include dialogue, come up with intriguing situations, and so on.

One of the greatest narrative writers out there is definitely J. K. Rowling, the author of the “Harry Potter” series. The way she managed to create Harry’s magical universe is everything we could ever wish for in a writer.

4. Descriptive

Finally, the last style of writing that we want to mention today is based on describing particular places, objects, events, people, and so on, with the purpose of helping the reader picture what you’re saying as clearly as possible. This type of writing is mostly poetic, but it doesn’t have to be.

Descriptive writing can be extremely appealing and captivating when done right, and we believe George R. R. Martin is a perfect example of that, with his “Game of Thrones” series.

We hope you had fun hearing about these 4 different styles of writing and the people who excel at them! If you want to learn more about how to write descriptively, we suggest you watch the clip below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles