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Top Businesspersons Explain the Difference Between Boss and Leader

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Along with the boom of the business industry, we hear more and more often about bosses. We are confronted with good stories, bad stories, tips, tricks or examples. The increase in the number of managing positions has also created a market for those who have the necessary skills to teach people the difference between being a boss and a leader. Today we are going to focus on the difference between boss and leader. We have included a couple of advice given by successful business persons to help you have a clearer idea.

What’s the Difference between Boss and Leader?

1. A Leader Listens to His Employees

Heather R. Huhman is a career and workplace expert. She is also a founder and a president, so she knows what she’s talking about leadership training. She thinks that a major difference between a boss and a leader is the fact that the latter listens to his employees. Everybody loves to give their input on an issue and to feel listened. Moreover, this input may turn out to be essential for the company’s evolution. Sadly, a mere boss doesn’t know this.

2. A Leader Is Passionate

We all know that people love to work with passionate leaders. As a business etiquette expert and the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, Jacqueline Whitmore further explains this idea. Leading by example is a thing only passionate people can do. Obviously, this motivates the other employees and makes them more dedicated to their work.

3. Leaders Inspire People

Amy Cosper is the vice president and the editor-in-chief at the Entrepreneur Media Inc. In her opinion, a boss isn’t always a leader, just as the leader isn’t always the boss. One major difference for her is the fact that bosses manage, while leaders inspire. They inspire people by personal example and by being the first to get into the action. The example she gives is Alexander the Great, who is famous to this day for being a great leader.

4. Leaders See the Bigger Picture

The next input we have is from Robert Reffkin. He is the founder and CEO of Compass and he has an interesting point about this. The major difference between a boss and leader, in his opinion, is the fact the leader sees the bigger picture. A boss only works for the paycheck, for a promotion or for other benefits they have at work. Meanwhile, a leader strives towards greatness and success. He understands why he has to do one thing or another and cares for the future of the company.

5. Leaders Can Adapt

The last, but not least, on our list of businesspersons is Gina Folk. She is an author, as well as an expert in leadership. She thinks that a major difference between a boss and a leader is the fact that leaders can adapt. They are flexible when it comes to employee’s needs or to the success of a project. And sometimes, this can be a key trait for the success of the business.


We see that not only employees perceive the difference between boss and leader. Top businesspersons know how to recognize a leader behavior, as we have seen. The guide above can also be used as a mirror if you want to check if you yourself are a leader or a boss.

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Author: Amanda Knowles