How to Develop Your Own Growth Hack, According to Experts: 4 Stages

How to Develop Your Own Growth Hack, According to Experts: 4 Stages

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If your main goal is to grow your business through any means at your disposal, then you might be a growth hacker and not even know it. The growth hack attitude towards developing businesses is a real trend right now. That is mostly because it allows business owners and managers to experiment with as many strategies as possible until they find the one that best suits their business. Furthermore, the emphasis on spending as little as possible on the process of growth hacking is definitely another thing that draws people in. Today, we’re going to take you through the 4 stages of developing your own growth hack, all of them coming from experts in the field.

How to Develop Your Growth Hack in 4 Easy Stages

1. Get to Know Your Customers

This advice is not only useful when it comes to developing your own growth hack. It is also great for business in general. You will never be able to provide customers with the content they like or the products and services they’re interested in, if you don’t know who these customers are. This stage is really important, which is why you should insist on it quite a lot. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré advises you to think about who the ideal customer is. Once you know that, you will be able to come up with different ways to please him or her.

2. Develop Your Strategy

Now that you’ve figured out who your customers are, it’s time to think of the best ways to provide them with ideal products and services. This step also includes identifying any kind of obstacles that might stand between you and potential customers. If everything seems to be going fine in your company, but you’re not converting any leads into actual customers, then there must be something you’re missing. It might be a sign that you should change your traditional tactics and replace them with something more daring. Marketing executive Sean Ellis thinks you should be as creative and relentless as possible.

3. Optimize Your Strategy

Let’s say you know what strategy you want to use. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop paying attention to its trajectory. In this stage, you should establish a main goal. This will help you realize if you’re making progress or not. Leaving things up to fate is never a good idea, so you should be as specific as possible. Imposing a deadline is also helpful. After all, the whole idea of developing a growth hack is for you to quickly figure out if the respective strategy is useful to you or not. Don’t linger on things that don’t benefit you in any way. Remember that Everette Taylor compared a bad product to a knife in the middle of a gun fight.

4. Start Experimenting

The final stage, and the most exciting of them all, is to start experimenting with the strategies you have in place. Even though some of them might work like a charm for your business, you should also be prepared for certain disappointments. One of the most popular strategies is using SEO. Patrick Cines stresses the idea that even if SEO is not easy, it can get you in the lead.

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Author: Amanda Knowles