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4 Cute Desk Toys That Can Relax You But Boost Productivity As Well

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It’s no secret that a nicely decorated office where you can bring personal belongings is more likely to encourage you to be productive and relieve stress at the same time. Apart from personal items, such as a picture of you and your loved ones, or a plant that you’re especially attached to, there are also a lot of desk toys that you can bring to the workplace and that are designed with the purpose of helping people relax. Not only that, but they’re also cute and can boost productivity as well. If the idea of purchasing some desk toys for your office sounds appealing to you, here are 4 options that you’re going to love.

4 Desk Toys to Help You Relax and Be Productive

1. Desk Vacuum

Yes, you heard that right, there’s now a vacuum for your desk that you can order on Amazon. His name is Henry and he’s meant to help you in more than one way. First of all, how great is it to have a tiny vacuum with a cute face on your desk? This desk vacuum is bound to make you smile on days when you’re feeling extremely stressed. Second of all, Henry also has a practical side. It’s a working vacuum, so it can help you keep your desk clean. Everyone knows that a clean desk increases productivity. In this respect, Henry might just become your favorite office helper.

2. Keepon

If you’ve never heard of Keepon before, you’ll be happy to make his acquaintance now. He’s a tiny social robot that you can interact with at your desk. While its main purpose is to help children in therapy, there’s no reason why you can’t use it if you feel like you need a companion to socialize with and that can help you adapt to a stressful workplace. Keepon can react to noise, commands, and touches (such as a tickle or a head pat). As such, he might prove to be really useful to you whenever you need to raise your spirits and feel better.

3. Magnetic Sculptures

Magnetic desk toys are a trend when it comes to toys which promote relaxation. That’s because they give you something to do with your hands, they allow you to exercise your creativity, and they help you take your mind off work-related tasks for a while. One of the greatest things about these sculptures is that they come with different pieces, from dinosaurs to musical notes, snowflakes, acrobats, and so on.

4. Desktop Cornhold Bean Bag Game

Do you wish you could play a short and entertaining game whenever you take a break from work? Then this desk game to play at work could be the right choice for you. It comes with a wooden board and some miniature bean bags, and it provides a relaxing distraction that doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can play by yourself or even invite a coworker to play against you during lunch breaks. Then, you’ll be more motivated to start work after you’ve had some fun.

These 4 desk toys for work have definitely convinced us that it’s possible to relax, have fun, and also increase your productivity, all with the help of one miniature toy.

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Author: Amanda Knowles