High-Performance Daily Habits And Hacks For A Better Life

High-Performance Daily Habits And Hacks For A Better Life

Although everyone has a different definition of what it means to be successful, people who consistently get amazing results and reach their goals have a few things in common.  They all adopt daily habits that help them to hone their skills, maximize their time, and focus their efforts where they matter most.

Yes, high performers work hard, fail often, and learn during the process, but they also have a unique outlook and routine that helps them to keep moving forward towards positive progress.

If you’re ready to break out of your rut and take your life to the next level, then you should incorporate these high-performance daily habits into your routine.

Start the Day Winning

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It’s a well-known fact that some of the worlds most successful people like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and Oprah are early risers.  While each of them has a different morning routine, they all have one thing in common; they wake up ready to face the day.

Steve Jobs asked himself the question “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” every morning, and set his intention for the day based on his answer. 

High-performance people wake up, don’t hit the snooze button, and do something right away that helps focus them on the productivity to come.  For some, that means getting in a workout, reading a motivational or leadership book, eating a nutritious meal, or spending time meditating or journaling.

Whatever works best for you, plan to do it early and consistently so that your day is starting and your motivation levels are high before the average person even gets out of bed.

Embrace Difficult Things

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There is no easy path to success, despite how much we wish for one.  Although some hurdles you have to overcome along the way may be easier than others, successful people never shy away from challenges.

Don't allow something difficult to halt your progress.  Instead, confront the problem and face it head-on. Do your research, come up with a plan, and embrace the fact that you may fail in your initial attempt to overcome the obstacle.

Don’t shy away from hard things.  Do them, without fear or hesitation, and take your life to the next level.

Accept and Use Feedback

Accept and Use Feedback

The words “constructive criticism” can make even the most hardened entrepreneur shudder.  It’s never easy to hear about things you’ve done wrong or areas where you can improve. However, the most successful people train themselves to embrace feedback daily by seeking it out and strategizing how to use it to grow.

Remember, you don’t need to act on every piece of advice or suggestion you get along the way.  Instead, surround yourself with coaches, mentors, and other high-performance people who you trust to give you an honest opinion and suggestions and use their ideas to help shape your future.

These types of interactions can take you out of your comfort zone and elevate your performance to new heights you may not have achieved on your own.

Reframe How You Feel About Failure 

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Many high performers struggle with the concept of failure, but reframing how you think about these challenges can revolutionize your life.  Rather than allowing a setback to derail your thoughts and actions, turn it into a learning experience.

Look at the situation objectively and analyze the following:

  • What happened
  • What you did well
  • What you could have done differently or better
  • What you can do right now to move forward 

Don’t let failure paralyze you.  Instead, use it as a building block to step you towards your next success.

Make Your Attitude a Conscious Choice

Children often can’t control their attitude, which is why phrases like the “terrible twos” that describe their behaviors and actions when they are still small exist.  However, adult professionals can make a conscious choice every day to choose how they will act, feel, and behave.

When you wake up in the morning and before you launch into your daily plan, choose the attitude you’re going to have.  Although things may arise that threaten to derail this choice, setting it with intention will help you to control your responses, rather than allow your attitude to control you.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The best athletes in the world get there by pushing harder and farther than their competition.  They are always striving to do one more rep or work for one more yard. 

As a person and a professional, you can do the same.  One of the simplest ways to achieve more is to do more, and you can start by striving to complete one more round of a specific positive action on a daily basis.

Not only will this build mental strength, but it will also give you a simple tool to outwork your competition.  Implement it by making one more sales call, answering one more email, or pushing for one more opportunity when you would normally quit or call it a day.

Clearly Define Your Purpose

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Having a clearly defined mission statement is a crucial element to living a high-performance life.  The more clearly defined your target, the easier it is to incorporate daily actions that help you move closer to the goal.

Every action should have a purpose, and you should do each one intentionally.  Understanding your underlying “why” gives you more power to accomplish it.

Daily Affirmations

The most successful people recommit to their goal, purpose, and “why” every single day.  Whether you develop daily habits of saying affirmations in the mirror, writing down your mission statement or simply having an internal conversation where you reaffirm that you are going to work towards the things that matter to you most, make sure you do it.

This will help you to keep your dreams crystal clear and avoid the pitfalls of losing focus and getting stuck in the day to day drama.

Outwork Your Competition

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You control your thoughts, attitude, and actions and have a direct influence on how hard you work and how much you are able to achieve.  That said, if you truly want to be at the top of your game in your industry or in regards to a specific goal where you have competition, it’s important to also pay attention to what those around you are doing.

If you’re competing with others for a specific title or prize, for example, you’ll need to do more and do it better than everyone else.  Look for ways to gain a critical edge, and showcase your dedication to your goal as a daily way to inch closer to success.

Complacency is Worse Than Failure

We’ve already determined that failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you think about it in the right way.  Complacency, however, can be your biggest enemy when it comes to growth and long-term success.

Even more frustrating is that people tend to become complacent following a positive outcome or feedback.  After achieving one of your short-term goals, it might be tempting to back in the glory and enjoy the moment for a little too long which can lead to getting suck in one place.

Instead, use these stepping stones of success as a springboard for your next move.  With each positive result, reaffirm your mission and purpose and redefine your capabilities to help you strive for more.

Write it Down

There is compelling psychology that shows that to-do lists have the powerful ability to help people accomplish more.  The act of writing down goals and objectives makes them more concrete in your mind, and therefore you are more likely to achieve them.

Incorporate a daily habit of creating a to-do list with short-term goals and tasks that roll up to your larger objective.  This will reassure you that you're productive and making progress, and will also help keep you focused during stressful times. 

Write down your long-term goals as well and review them regularly to give you an extra boost of motivation whenever you need a reminder of why you are embracing the high-performance lifestyle.

It Won’t Happen Overnight

We live in a world of instant gratification, so it’s important to remind yourself that a long-term goal will take time to achieve.  There’s an expression that says “success is made in a slow-cooker, not a microwave,” and it’s an excellent comparison to how hard work pays off over time.

Be patient and invest your energy in the process to get the outcome you desire.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

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It can be lonely when you’re working towards the top, but having a diverse circle of successful and positive people in your life who share some of your values makes the journey easier.  Look for like-minded people who have similar thoughts on what personal and professional success look like, and surround yourself with them. 

Avoid people who distract you or don’t understand your need to achieve the things you’re striving to accomplish.  Not only will they potentially drag you down and slow your progress, but they may also be jealous or angry with your success when you achieve it.

Fear is a Liar

One of the most common ways to find yourself stuck and not moving forward is because you’ve allowed fear to override your desire to succeed.  Rather than letting people, situations, or circumstances paralyze you, instead look at them as challenges and competition and use them as motivation.  

Anyone can be beaten, and it’s your opportunity to be the one on top. 

Author: Jon Stahl