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5 Cover Letter Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

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What can happen if you write and submit a poor or weak cover letter? You will minimize your chances of getting the job you had in mind. But don’t fret because there is something you can do to remedy this situation. Here is a list of the best cover letter tips which will unquestionably make you stand out from the crowd.

Great Cover Letter Tips

1. Never write the same information as in your resume

Here is a fact – the HR department will almost inevitably staple your cover letter to your resume and hand it to the interviewer. This idea means that they will glance at both of them, probably at the same time. What you don’t want here is to appear redundant and like you didn’t try hard enough by listing the exact same information on both.

Instead, you can use your cover letter to list some personality traits, some of the curiosities you have regarding the job itself, or the reason why you’re interested in it.

2. Brevity is your friend

The more, the better? No. Less is more. Keep it nice and short. That means only the essential information. It also means small paragraphs. And little sentences. As little words as possible works too. Don’t give the interviewer too much to read. You’ll have time to digress during the face-to-face interview. See how we wrote this paragraph? Like this.

3. Don’t make the cover letter out to anyone in particular

Even if you do know the name of the HR person in contact or of the interviewer or CEO or the company, don’t use them. However, we do have one great cover letter tip for you here. Even if you are supposed not to address the cover letter to anyone, in particular, skip the standard wording. Say goodbye to ‘To whom it may concern’ and ‘Dear Sir or Madam.’

They are utterly outdated and will not do you any favors. What you can do instead is jump straight to your cover letter’s body.

4. Always use a PDF format

Technically speaking, not every single office, company or business in the country can open a .docx or .page file. If this happens, you need to understand that you are only harming yourself. An HR department receives tens if not hundreds of applications for one opening alone.

If the person in charge cannot open your cover letter, then he or she will simply skip to the next. They don’t like to waste time. Therefore, saving your precious cover letter in PDF format will save you any later stress.

5. Stop using this phrase

Here is the last one of our fantastic cover letter tips that will make you stand out from the crowd. Stop using the phrase “My name is X, and I want to apply for the position Y.’ They already know this, and you are wasting your time. Apart from that, it will make you sound inexperienced and damage you further.

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Author: Amanda Knowles