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4 Effective Coping Skills for Anxiety

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Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks is no walk in the park. Your best ally in the never-ending fight against these two syndromes is knowledge. The more you know about them and how you can slay them like you would slay a fierce dragon, the better off you will be. We’d like to help you in that sense so here are four practical coping skills for anxiety.

4 Effective Coping Skills for Anxiety

#1. Always trust yourself

Just think about it this way. You’ve already made it all the way here, through thick and thin, and you’re fine. You have survived. Of course, you’re a little older, maybe a bit more scarred but you’re also wiser, more experienced and more powerful.

Start believing that you can handle whatever life throws at you now as part of your new powerful coping skills for anxiety. Make the change because you are the change.

#2. Develop your yoga skills

Anxiety as a syndrome involves racing through things, having recurrent worries and a body so revved-up it’s hurtful. If you practice it correctly, yoga will take care of all that. Therefore, why not make it one of your new coping skills for anxiety?

Take 20 to 30 minutes every day and practice a few yoga poses, such as Warrior One or Two, Downward or Upward Dog. Don’t forget to breathe, keep your fingers pointed toward the sun, and clear your mind so that you’re not uncomfortable.

#3. What is fact and what is fiction?

You can look at this idea as some sort of little game you can play with yourself. Anxiety comes from a whole plethora of factors. Some of them have happened in the past or are happening as we speak. Others, you are just projecting onto your future.

Therefore, whenever you get anxious about something, stop for a moment and think. Is it a real thing or a projection? You will be surprised at how much of your anxiety comes from stressing out over things which haven’t happened yet.

#4. Stop trying to please everyone around you immediately

Anxiety comes as well from trying to please everyone all the time or trying to have all the people like you. However, you must understand that it will never happen, no matter how hard you try. Nobody can be liked by everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re President Obama, Beyonce or the Pope, there are still going to be people who will wrinkle their nose when they hear your name.

Therefore, as part of your new coping skills for anxiety list, try being who you are. Stop worrying about what others think. The most important people and your life and the ones who truly matter will like you for you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles